Sussex Healthcare Provides New Services And Gym For Residents

About The New Services And Gym

Sussex Healthcare offers services for people who are suffering from a variety of neurological issues. Some of the residents are experiencing the symptoms of dementia and lesions which cause problems for the nervous tissue. Just a while ago, Sussex Healthcare opened a large gym that has stationary bikes, various kinds of free weights, medicine balls for abdominal muscles, elliptical trainers, cable containing machines, and a pool. Residents can enjoy a large hot tub where the benefits include endorphin release, reduction in soreness from exercise, stress reduction, and an increase of the extra norepinephrine production.

Elliptical Trainer Benefits

When Sussex Healthcare residents use the elliptical trainers, they can adjust the resistance that the trainer gives. Experienced specialists at Sussex Healthcare may change the speed and height options on a machine to stabilize the feet of the user. The trainers can increase the durability potential of joints, increase flexibility, as well as make motor skills better. Other treadmills may stress the joints, but the use does not have this concern on the elliptical trainers.

Neurological Benefits

Several studies show that a variety of exercises tend to boost the make up of fresh neurons in a persons brain. These new neurons can contribute to creation of new memories, boost critical thinking, improve reflexes and well-being. Specific exercises can really boost the production of norepinephrine, which will improve focus, help motivation and raise energy levels.

Swim Exercises

Sussex Healthcare residents can enjoy swimming classes that will teach them to swim in pools with preset currents. This swimming activity can significantly boost endurance and improve a swimmer’s flexibility. Swimming is also an activity that can significantly increase a person’s strength, and residents also have access to an underwater treadmill that can help strengthen the quadriceps, the calves, hamstrings, as well as the abdominal muscles.

Experts On Site

There are respiratory care experts on site at the gym, ready to assist the residents and manage their workouts ensuring that they are breathing properly. These experts will also analyze the person’s breathing during the workout and note any interference in their endurance. They have been trained catch any inflammation as well as to suggest exercises that could make breathing better for the participant. They are also able to create detailed reports for the residents’ doctors.