Reasons why it is difficult to ignore Shervin Pishevar’s 21-hour tweetstorm

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian immigrant who arrived in the U.S in 1976 following the Iranian revolution. Shervin’s journey ever since he came to the United States depicts the struggles that he has gone through to achieve the American Dream. Shervin was born into a family of scholars where his father came to the U.S to pursue a master’s degree and later on returned to his country before the great revolution.

For Shervin Pishevar, the tough childhood has played an essential role in shaping his professional life. Shervin notes that he experienced firsthand, the sacrifices that his parents were making for them and thus he became even more motivated to make them proud.

Shervin’s education background

Shervin Pishevar developed the drive to learn and study at an early age. He attended UC-Berkeley where he pursued a degree in molecular biology. At the age of twenty, Shervin Pishevar published an article on human rights and doctors detailing how doctors and physicians were involved in human torture. The publication led to the establishment of Instanbul Protocol that prohibits all physicians from being involved in any form of torture.

How Shervin Pishevar started entrepreneurship

Instead of taking a career as a medical professional, Shervin Pishevar decided to venture into entrepreneurship by establishing his first company in technology in 1993. Since then, Shervin has established numerous businesses, which he has either sold off or retains some shares.

Shervin, however, opened another chapter in his life in 2011 when he was tasked with overseeing a venture capital fund with over four billion dollars under management. Since then, Shervin has invested in many other businesses that include Machine Zone, Uber, Airnbn, Tumblr, Fab Hyperloop one among others.

Shervin’s tweetstorm

Following his immense success at Silicon Valley as an Angel investor and venture capitalist, Shervin has attracted a massive following on his real life and also on social media. Earlier this year, Shervin treated his followers on Twitter with a 21-hour tweetstorm that touched on a variety of topics such as market bonds, Silicon Valley, the future of U.S economy and the stock markets.

Based on his past success in identifying opportunities and making prudent investments through his Investment company , it is quite difficult to disregard Shervin’s message. It is ironical that a few hours after tweetstorm, the bond market started losing control.