Krishen Iyer Has Led To the Extensive Growth of Quick Link Marketing

Krishen Iyer is widely recognized for the knowledge that he possesses in areas such as marketing. As a managing partner at Quick Link Marketing, he has contributed significantly to the growth of the firm. Quick Link Marketing is currently known as Managed Benefits Service. As for Krishen Iyer, he brings on board his knowledge about technical developments, online marketing, and client relations. The company is situated in Carlsbad, California. With Iyer on board, the company will continue to have a progressive growth curve. As a company that deals with marketing, Quick Link connects clients to various companies that can meet the needs of each of their clients. Their marketing solutions are also useful.

The success of Krishen Iyer accrues from his intellectual curiosity. He also pays close attention to each detail, and that is why he was able to excel in his academics while at the San Diego State University and the Grossmont College. He graduated with honors after completing his undergraduate degree in public administration and urban development. Although being a managing partner at Quick Link Marketing has been very involving, Krishen Iyer still spares some time to engage in community service. Visit Iyer’s LinkedIn page to see his profileĀ

Iyer usually takes part in the cleaning up of local parks. He also avails himself whenever there is a humanitarian crisis. For instance, he has been trying to offer some assistance after the Haiti relief efforts by providing various forms of contributions. When asked about how Quick Link Marketing came about, Iyer says that the firm was founded with the primary aim of offering specialized marketing solutions. The idea came about after realizing that there was a huge need for such services and they were not present in the marketplace. Follow this link to read more about marketing strategies by Krishen Iyer.

On a daily basis, Krishen Iyer is tasked with client interfacing as well as technical development. He always tries to come up with a schedule that will help to ensure that he is very productive. When bringing ideas to life, Krishen Iyer acknowledges that communication is paramount. The best ideas are brought about after some scrutiny from various individuals. The only way to gain such views is by communicating with people about the plans that you have in mind.