Igor Cornelsen: Advice on Young Entrepreneurs

The Brazilian financial sector is a complicated industry where only the brightest ones make it to the top. One of the finest financial experts in the country is Igor Cornelsen, who has been in the industry for decades. He started as an employee for other financial firms, but he later developed an idea of establishing his own financial firm to gain more profit. His 20 years of experience in the financial sector made it easier for him to adapt and create new strategies that allowed him to succeed. His business, which was established in 1971, still exists in the present, growing naturally through his skills and expertise in managing finances.

Igor Cornelsen’s typical day revolves on the analyzation of international market trends, as he would start his day watching news about the economy all over the world. He said that being aware of the current events would enable him to decide independently especially if something came up. He would also study the trend in the stock market, trying to find out vital information that could lead to another big business decision. Igor Cornelsen also shared that he loves to listen to ideas being shared by his employees, and occasionally, he would pick the best idea relayed to him, and apply it for the company’s advantage. Most of the time, the ideas that he considers do those which follow the recent trend, which translates to more people know about the trend, making it profitable.

The Brazilian entrepreneur also shared his insight about the recent increase in the number of entrepreneurs who are living in Brazil, and he is delighted knowing that an increasing percentage of the Brazilian youth consider doing business instead of becoming an employee. He said that these young people could later develop their own strategy that would allow them to succeed in the complex world of finance.