How Surf Air Has Made An Impact On The Airline Industry Over The Last Five Years

Surf Air is the World’s first private air travel club. Surf Air allows its members to enjoy an amazing flying experience while they save time and money. Before the creation of Surf Air, travelers often had to deal with long lines, layovers, and other annoying hassles. Here is an depth look at how Surf Air changed the airline industry.

Surf Air Is A Symbol Of The Revolution

Millions of people fly every day. Surf Air analyzed the air travel experience and sought to make changes. The company wanted to overhaul the entire traveling experience. Surf Air wanted to emphasize hospitality. In the past, company employees have gotten their client’s favorite drinks as a way to make them feel more comfortable. Surf Air also has care managers to help their clients out with any lodging or car rental issues. Surf Air set out to make booking private charter flights affordable for everyone.

How To Join

As Surf Air continues to attract more members, they will update their package plan. The All You Can Fly Membership deal allows members to pay one monthly fee to book as many flights as they wish. The company also has a Pay As You Fly Membership deal, as well as a group deal for clients who travel with a lot of people. Your group can purchase extra packs whenever it is convenient.

New iPhone App

Surf Air recently released a new iPhone app that clients can use to book flights and change their reservations. Booking a flight only takes a few seconds through the iPhone app. The app also includes city guides, which benefit travelers who would like to learn more about the city that they are visiting. Through the city itineraries, you can learn more information about different restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions around the city.

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