Guilherme Paulus Propels The Extensive Growth Of CVC Brasil Operadora

There are many entrepreneurs worldwide and they have all invested in different industries. As for Brazil, one of the entrepreneurs who has dominated the Brazilian tourism industry is Guilherme Paulus.

As an executive at CVC Brasil Operadora, Paulus has ventured into both the domestic and international tourism sector since his company operates globally. CVC has also been ranked as Latin America’s largest tour company and the corporation is still growing on a daily basis. Through the help of Carlos Vicente, Paulus as able to come up with CVC in 1972.

Paulus had the privilege of working in companies such as IBM before he became an investor. While traveling on a ship, he met Carlos Vicente and they started conversing about business ideas such as establishing a tour company. Paulus expressed some form of interest but he was not financially capable of establishing such a business on his own which is why they formed a partnership. Paulus would be responsible for the labor and Carlos Cerchiari would then handle the financial matters within the business. Even though the partnership only lasted for four years, Paulus had gained some invaluable experience about how to successfully run a business. By utilizing his passion and entrepreneurial skills, Paulus made sure that CVC has become an international corporation.

The company established by Guilherme Paulus was based in Sao Paulo and as it grew, corporations such as Carlyle Group gained an interest in purchasing a portion of the shares. Fortunately, Guilherme Paulus willingly sold a part of his company in 2009. Later on, the company also began to publicly trade its shares at the Sao Paulo Stock exchange as from 2013. The company’s annual revenue also amounts to $5.2 billion annually. Since diversifying is very important when it comes to business, Paulus usually launches more than 100 new stores annually.

Since CVC Brasil Operadora is also present in most of the malls located in Brazil, the company’s outreach is exemplary. As a successful entrepreneur in Brazil, Guilherme Paulus also indulges in numerous philanthropic acts. Many needy people in Brazil have also gained a lot from his charitable acts.