Experienced Therapist Roseann Bennett Shares Her Day

Roseann Bennet, the Center for Assessment Director is an experienced therapist in family and marriage therapy. She works with people from different backgrounds to help them rise above their challenges. The Center for Assessment is a charitable organization that is dedicated to advocating and treating people from different walks of life, especially those are marginalized and disenfranchised. Over the last 8 years, the agency has provided support to hundreds of people experiencing different life struggles.

How Roseann Bennet starts her day

Roseann has an active work ethic. She strives to work hard each and every day by waking up early each morning, planning out which clients she is to see and solve some of the issues of the day.

Roseann is responsible for the leadership and coordination of programs that are undertaken at the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She ensures that her employees have all they need to provide exceptional services. She prepares budgets for agencies and ensures that the accounting of funds is done properly. Above all, Roseann likes to monitor her clinical caseload because of how she values the connection she makes with people when she gives them tools to help them become better people.

Additionally, Roseann is responsible for writing the agency policies, she develops the programs run at the facility, and she also runs the day to day activities at the center.

Productivity tips from Roseann

Roseann works hard in her practice, and she has some tips that everyone else can use to become more productive at their work. Firstly, Roseann has a view that intense attention, thinking and reviewing an idea can help one to become more analytical about what needs to be done. That is one huge step that she uses to develop solutions to her problems.

Bringing an idea to life is not a problem according to Roseann, her greatest concerns are the sustainability of the project, an assessment of the risks, and checking how the idea can be executed. Another ingredient is passion. According to Roseann, without passion, no matter how good an idea is, it will not survive.