GreenSky Credit Is A Popular Program

GreenSky is a popular lender that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Created 12 years ago by David Zalik, the company is known for lending thousands of dollars to contractors, manufacturers, construction crews, and homeowners through its GreenSky Credit lending program.

Who uses GreenSky’s lending program, GreenSky Credit?

To date – as of late August 2018 – approximately 1.9 million Americans have solicited the services of GreenSky Credit since the program was made available to consumers in 2006, the year GreenSky was founded.

Throughout its 12-year history, most of GreenSky’s customers have been contractors – construction crews – that didn’t have enough money to purchase materials to start on or finish projects themselves.

Most construction, remodeling, building, and home improvement crews are paid for their jobs in increments. Once certain landmarks of completion are hit, customers release agreed-upon chunks of money that builders can use to purchase materials and pay their crews. However, this funding process often takes several days for builders to ultimately get their hands on money that’s necessary to complete their jobs.

GreenSky Program Loan is a popular choice of contracting customers

It’s important to note that not only professional builders are awarded loans through the GreenSky Credit lending program – homeowners, landlords, and even renters are, too.

The GreenSky Program Loan is a line of credit that’s open for up to six consecutive months and is geared towards both professional and personal builders that aren’t completely sure of what expenses they’ll incur throughout the building period. This often happens in construction and remodeling, making it geared directly towards the likes of people who work on houses and industrial facilities for a living.

Part of GreenSky Credit, the GreenSky Program Loan provides customers with Home Improvement Payment Cards that can be used at home improvement stores across the United States. The main reason why builders opt for this financing structure is that they ‘re able to spend exactly what he needs, unlike loans that run in increments of thousands of dollars and can leave hundreds of leftover funds debtors are forced to pay back.

Talk Fusion Leans Into Success With Talk Fusion University.

For the past decade, we have been following the continual growth of Talk Fusion, a Florida-based video marketing, and direct selling company. Talk Fusion established themselves early on in an industry that would turn out to be absolutely pivotal to marketing agents all across the world. Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder, Bob Reina, saw early on the power that video marketing would provide to future businesses. It’s hard to remember but back in 2007, video marketing wasn’t seen as nearly the slam dunk that it is viewed at today. With a headstart on the industry, what is Talk Fusion offering users nearly eleven years after their inaugural release of programs?


Right now, the world runs by way of the internet. Companies big and small cannot succeed unless they are able to successfully connect with users through the web and in order to do this most effectively they have to have the ability to reach out via video. Whether it be on YouTube, application-based advertisements, or even ads on their own websites — this has become the norm. So, in order to make sure that marketers have the products that they need, Talk Fusion has doubled-down on the importance of video marketing with a slate of new products.


The most recent product that CEO Bob Reina and the rest of his Talk Fusion Associates are working to push is the Video Chat application. Built on WebRTC Technology, Video Chat provides a quick and seamless one-to-one video conferencing application that businesses and personal users alike can take advantage of. The application has already won several major industry awards and Talk Fusion’s CTO Ryan Page has already promised a slate of new updates to keep the application competitive with other products hitting the marketplace.


The core aspect of Talk Fusion that CEO Bob Reina likes to stress is the freedom that it offers to people. With that in mind, Reina opened up the Talk Fusion University in order to allow more people to get involved as personal entrepreneurs working to direct-sell the Talk Fusion video marketing suite. The University is online and completely free. Interested parties can join the Talk Fusion University in order to learn the video marketing tools that the company offers before getting certified to go out and sell the products themselves. Reina believes in the power of entrepreneurial spirit and this could not be more apparent than through this establishment. Learn more: