Contribution of Aloha Construction in Home Development in Illinois and South Wisconsin

The trusted Aloha Construction once again roars to life, with the start of the peak roofing season around Illinois State. The company has been providing this service for some years now. The area in recent times was devastated by strong winds and hail, which blew roofs and broke high walls.

From the time Aloha Construction ventured into this market as a siding and roofing contractor, they have had positive returns. The first region to test their market acceptability was Southern Wisconsin, where homeowners experienced roofing deficiencies. The company is in a bid to fill the gap as promised, by building quality homes and undertaking major reconstruction and restoration projects.


Magnitude and the Reach of Aloha Constructions

7,000 projects were completed in record time back in 2013. The figure tripled in 2014, by having 20,000 home projects done and many other mega projects underway across the expanse of Illinois. David Farbaky noted that their resolve and commitment is to provide the state citizens with quality homes and distinct residential experiences. A new brand is set to be launched next year May in Lake Zurich with houses that will feature kitchens, basements, and bathrooms.


The Aloha Construction

The Aloha Construction is an insured and bounded family-run construction company based in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company has been able to proudly establish residential homes for citizens in Cook, DuPage County, and McHenry. Aloha Construction operates in many other states and locations including:

o Washington DC area

o Peoria County

o Tazewell and the Champaign counties.


Some of the projects underway under the company include those in Gurnee, the Round Lake, Lake Villa and the Mundelein, which when sampled up will bring about the total households under development to 18,000. Aloha has stood out in roofing, siding and gutter settings. It constructs homes that can withstand adverse weather, property lasting and the character of home remaining ideal.