Sunday Relay’s Skin Care Products

Sunday Riley is a production formulator and a cosmetic chemist. Each Sunday Riley product is a powerful treatment designed to improve the quality of the skin including the signs of acne, dryness, dehydration, oiliness, and appearance of spots and pores(dark spots, old discolorations, old spots). The products are manufactured with high tech benefits. Each formula used in the product’s production has instant results and provides maximum skin care. Riley’s beauty product is affordable because the research and budget are formulated by her, and her priority is making the products accessible. Prices of the products are proportional to their benefits.

In 2009, Riley launched her brand (Sunday Riley). How did she launch the brand? Prior to her launching, Barneys New York had interest in the line. She had few prototypes including Good Genes, and when she printed a concept to Barneys, they took tithe lead purchaser insisted Sunday on using her name but she was hesitant. Later she was into it and knew that was a direct reflection of him.

After launching her brand, she had another task of advertising the brand. She did her best, and the products she had by then did well and received a good reputation from clients.

In the year 2011, Riley’s brand launched a big array of cosmetics including mascara, foundation and pressed powder. The only thing they were missing was the eyeliner. Later she introduced other products like eye cream, winter cream, clay cleanser, and many skin moisturizers.

Sunday Riley uses her friends and their families to test her manufactured products before putting them in the market. This was evident when she made the vitamin c serum, and one of her friends advised her to make it stronger, and she did it. While Sunday focuses on launching skin cares, in the immediate future, she sees her brand growing into something bigger.

Sunday Riley strongly believes that good beauty products are a perfect union between advanced chemistry and potent, pure botanicals. Pure natural ingredients are combined with the latest technologies to produce highly effective and innovative skin care products.

The benefits of using Sunday Relay products are as follows:

  • They produce noticeable results
  • They are made of high-quality ingredients
  • They are affordable
  • Clean and high tech formulas