Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff; the Satire of Sean Penn

Sean Penn’s “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a longer version of a 2016 audiobook bearing the same name. It is a satire that focuses on current affairs, politics, and everything else wrong with America. The new version contains a broader look, as the first was a bit more pinpointed. The original audiobook debuted in 2016, was inspired that the celebrity unrest surrounding the presidential election. The earth has rotated around the sun a few times since then, and more social issues have sprouted up. Penn does not hold anything back, he follows through with every satirical punch.


Sean Penn is a well-known and celebrated actor. He has been a apart of hundreds of production, serving as talent, producer, writer, and even director. He has written op ed’s, served as a war correspondent, and even interviewed a few people. Citing unrest with the film world, Penn has decided to wear the novelist cap for awhile in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.


Bob Honey recalls the exploits of septic tank salesman Bob Honey. An anti-social, divorced, staunch political advocate, and generally disgruntled human being. Honey moonlights as a government assassin, killing geriatrics to better the environment. Though it may be a bucket of crazy, many critics have described it as humorous, and beneath the satire are many poignant truths.


One of the “truths” Penn discusses is the #MeToo movement. Penn actually seems to call the movement out, accusing it of playground tactics, and witch hunts. Although this critique has garnered some flack, Penn has stated the passage supports movements like #MeToo. He is simply speaking to the exclusivity some of these movements proport. Nevertheless he has been called upon to apologize, and so far Penn has done no such thing.


When interviewed about his new book, Penn expressed much delight. The literary world seems to fit him, and Penn is enjoying the fresh air. The quote/unquote former actor even has plans for more books, telling many interviewers that something else is in the mix. So far Bob Honey is doing well, even though some critics have panned it.