21st Century Learning & Rocketship Education

We are living in some of the most innovative of times. This is the 21st century and people are being exposed to many advanced technologies that span across the boards. Advanced technology has worked itself right into the classrooms. In some schools, there are a host of innovative gadgets that are being used to help the students learn at a more efficient rate. Rocketship Education, a California-based charter school, is pushing the boundaries by offering computer-based programs to its students. This phenomenal school has been in existence since 2006, and it has drastically raised the test scores of its actual students.

This charter-school system was in place to help slower-learning students excel in reading and mathematics. These innovative programs cover a wide variety of topics, and they come with full-instructions. DreamBox learning tools come in an adaptive format for students to meet certain standards in mathematics. The programs are designed to adapt to the student’s level of knowledge. Data points are stored while the students learn via mathematical games. The ideas is rather genius because it engages the students much more effectively than standard mathematics material.

I-Ready is another brilliant program as it is used for math and language arts curriculums. This program provides adaptive diagnostics for K-12 students. The students will get to choose a theme, and they’ll earn tokens when every task is complete. Correct answers will lead to more challenging questions. During this time, all of the data will be stored for teacher reviews.

Rocketship Education is setting the tone for the future because it has developed one of the most progressive and efficient learning systems. Every student has the right to attend college and this extraordinary material is building a solid foundation. All in all, Rocketship Education is revolutionizing the learning experience, and it’s changing the status quo.