Dick DeVos Funds Charter School in Michigan

Dick DeVos is very serious about making sure students get an education. One thing that people find is that they are going to have an easier time in life if they are getting a good quality of education. One thing that Dick DeVos sees as vital to the future of students is a charter school. He has provided funds to the special types of schools so that they can grow. One of the schools that he has funded is a Michigan Charter School. This school has gone from one location and 60 students to seven counties and 600 students. This is a huge impact in the educational system when it comes to charter schools in Michigan.


Dick DeVos has known success and fortune for a lot of his life. Given that he was a business owner, he possessed the special skills needed to run any business or franchise he owned. Among the businesses and franchises he has owned is the Orlando Magic franchise in the NBA. Dick DeVos has used the money he has made to fund different institutions in the community. He is one of the individuals that are doing a lot of work in order to change the community.


He has the love and respect of his wife Betsy DeVos, who was inspired to help children get a better education. Both Dick and Betsy have always made it a point to offer their support to families that are doing everything they can to improve their circumstances. The DeVos family respects all of the efforts and sacrifices families make to ensure that their children are getting the best possible education which includes learning valuable lessons in a safe environment. One thing children need when it comes to education is an environment in which they feel very safe in so that they can learn.


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Sean Penn From Actor to Novelist of Bob Honey Just Do Stuff

In the middle 1980’s, Sean Penn was known as the movie bad boy who was married to singer Madonna for a few short years. Recently, Penn has just written his first novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The novel is considered a dystopian type of novel because the elements suggest a future society of the opressed. Dystopian fiction takes everyday things and exaggerates them, like reality shows could lead to someone’s death.


After interviewing Sean Penn in a Podcast program, the interviewers advise that people should read the book slowly. There is some strange language in the book. Readers might need your dictionary app handy to look up the many unfamiliar words. People are advised to read the book in segments to keep from being confused and baffled by the book. Bob Honey is in no way predictable. The book includes a broad perspective on many modern issues of the day from the point of view of Bob Honey. Penn’s characters are based are political, controversial, and people in show business. One character is based on El Capo. The former actor also writes about things based on news events such as violence in the streets, and he blames it on the media.


People who read this book will notice that there is a lot of Sean Penn in Bob Honey. The two baby boomers have a passion for humanitarianism and share unhappiness about the present social climate. Sean Penn had written opinion pieces and worked for awhile as a war correspondent. Penn interviewed many people, including former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, Cuban President Raúl Castro, Joaquín Guzmán, also known as El Capo, and others, In 2010, Sean Penn started the J/P Haitian Relief Organization to help displaced people who were victims of the earthquake. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” is described as blistering funny, extremely garrulous, and picturesque. Some people compare Penn’s writing to people like Mark Twain, E.E. Cummings, and Thomas Pynchon. Bob Honey is for people who love to read cult classics.

Betsy DeVos: A Political Fighter For Charter Schools

Calm, warm, mild-mannered. These are all adjectives that people from Grand Rapids, Michigan would use to describe the woman that we all now know as our Secretary of Education. She was the Trump pick to head up this department and start to make some of the changes that the both of them agree need to be implemented into our school system.


DeVos has been a fighter on this issue for practically her whole life. She firmly believes that it is necessary that students have the ability to attend charter schools in order to achieve their fullest potential. They think that it is a more far system and that it helps to level the playing field that they assert has been thrown off kilter by the public school system that we have today.


There are plenty of detractors from the messages that President Trump and Mrs. DeVos are putting out. They are of the opinion that going full boar on charter schools will only harm the public school system that we have today. They say that these charter schools may help to enrich certain private companies, but they are not going to accomplish the goals that they set out to accomplish. In other words, they do not really do better than public schools at the mission that they have been set up to tackle.


The President and Betsy DeVos say that the reality is that charter schools really do perform better and that the evidence is in their favor. They say that those who oppose their efforts are largely teacher’s unions that are entrenched in the old way of doing things for their own interests.


It is certain up for debate as to which side of the argument is true. The fact is that Betsy DeVos is going to be working on the goals that she has for charter schools regardless of what people say or think about those goals.


It is so important that people tell the story of who Betsy DeVos is now compared to who they used to know her as. Like it or not, she is one of the most powerful people in the government at the moment. It is important that we know what she was like and how she is now. Those are two very different people at the end of the day.


The future under Betsy DeVos is going to be interesting. We know that she is not going to drop the plans that she has for charter schools at any point, so we just have to see how it is going to go. Lately she has been hanging out with rapper Pitbull in Miami talking about the benefits of charter schools. It is something that the two of them see eye-to-eye on and she has made the point to go places with him to pitch her ideas.


The next steps in the way that education is moving is going to be decided by Betsy DeVos and the President as well. We have to keep an eye on the things that they are going to get into.


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NGP VAN Changing Traditional Political Canvassing

Traditionally, paper is how political candidates would collect information on voters. Teams of volunteers would travel foot by foot across American neighborhoods for months promoting voter turnout. Today, voter turnout is still encouraged just not by pen and paper. NGP VAN, is a leading software company, that has revolutionized the way candidates run for office campaign.


NGP VAN has the latest technology available for campaigns. The company’s software grew with popularity when Barack Obama implemented the software into his political strategy. The company was able to develop his campaign a customized app. The company’s team of programmers created an app that help him digitally succeed at collecting data. The software was so successful for the president that he reused the software again for his 2012 presidential campaign.


NGP VAN has attained much success but the software leader knows that technology is always evolving. They never get comfortable with their efforts and are always looking to what comes next. With mostly Democrats and progressives using their services, the company is innovating their web technology to be the utmost current for the next election. Advanced technological expertise is vital for innovation. The company is confident though in developing tomorrow’s technology. The company has software suites which help keep databases of voters and donations current. The company also has a host of collaborations with other startups that offer tools that interest progressives and Democrats. These collaborations allow the company to offer candidates software suites, apps and digital tools.


NGP VAN’S could ultimately alter the Democrats winning the 2018 House and Senate races. For this year,the House of Representatives is up for reelection in every seat and as for the Senate, most of it is up for reelection. It would be exciting to have a “blue” House of Representatives and Senate in the height of the Trump Era. The company won the CampaignTech Awards. The company won because of their best company culture. Time will tell how the midterm elections turnout. But the impact of this company’s software can be felt everywhere in the candidates’ campaigns. Digital grassroots is the future of campaign organizing.

Betsy DeVos: Fighting for a Cause and Making a Difference

The back-to-school season contains a lot of excitement and certainly cost parents a lot in school supplies, but was it also comes a certain degree of doubt. Students are unsure of what type of learning environment they will be exposed to in the coming year. If they were to receive a teacher who is less than enthusiastic about the job, then they may not receive a quality education. There aren’t a lot of other faculty members for them to fall back on should this be the case because many qualities trained staff is moving to private institutions where they are able to grow vocationally. Betsy DeVos saw this problem coming from the very beginning, it has been growing exponentially in recent years.


The reason education is so important to Betsy DeVos is because she has recently been appointed the Secretary of Education. One of the biggest things that she is interested in overhauling within the system is the lack of uniformity between different institutions. On top of that, the United States has fallen when it comes to academia. Students that are enrolled in public schools today are performing poorly when compared to their overseas counterparts. This decline is only going to continue as the years go by if administrators refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem.


Betsy DeVos believes that she has the answer to the problem, and she believes that that answer is in the advocacy for school choice. School choice is a major issue for most politicians nowadays. There seem to be two types of parents, those who are interested in expanding their children’s academic horizons and those that are content with the way that things have always been. Unfortunately, when people refuse to change the behavior that they have become used to they will stagnate. The biggest problem with the stagnation is that it is happening with their children, innocents in all of this.


Betsy DeVos has offered a myriad of options for people who want to challenge these long-held beliefs. A favorite seems to be private institutions that function with the help of public support. In order to apply for this additional public support, Betsy DeVos believes that the nation should funnel money away from public school systems and into these private institutions. Not only will this strengthen the private schools, but it will force the public-school systems to address the glaring problems in their administrations.


On a recent visit to a magnet school located in Florida, Betsy DeVos was impressed to find students that were flourishing under the guidance of the well-trained staff. This gave her encouragement for the future of this type of learning. Betsy DeVos will continue to be a champion for children who are suffering subpar education. She sees that there needs to be some degree of change in all systems throughout the country and she is willing to push for it. She is far from the meek personality that people automatically assume she is, she has been fighting for this cause for much of her career and she will make a difference.


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End Citizens United Seeks To End Special Interest Funding

End Citizens United is a Democratic political action committee that concentrates on getting big money out of politics. Late last year, it announced that it had chosen 20 Republicans (who it calls “Big Money 20”) who they say favored personal money interests over their constituents. They will focus on ousting this Big Money 20 this year. This list of 20 includes the following politicians: Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Representative Mike Bishop of Michigan, Representative Rod Blum of Iowa, Representative Mike Bost of Illinois, Representative Mike Coffman of Colorado, Representative Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania, Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey, Representative Duncan Hunter of California. Representative Will Hurd of Texas, Representative Darrell Issa of California, Representative Tom MacArthur of New Jersey, Representative Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania, Representative Erik Paulsen of Minnesota, Representative Rob Pittenger of North Carolina, Representative Dana Rohrbacher of California, Representative Peter Roskam of Illinois, Representative Claudia Tenney of New York, and Representative Mimi Walters of California.

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This year, ECU plans to raise $35 million to the end of the goal of affecting the upcoming reelections of these Republicans. ECU very gladly accepts donations, but by law PACs cannot accept anything over $5,000. Although it is forbidden to accept more than this, ECU is very clear that it wholeheartedly depends on these small donations to do what it does. And there is clearly much interest in the voting population. Studies have shown that reducing special interest money is one of the top priorities of most independent voters.

End Citizens United is led by its President and Executive Director, Tiffany Muller. When she first came on board the ECU team she already had much experience helping the progressive grassroots effectively attain results. And her time in leadership has proven extremely successful. She has helped ECU grow to 3 million nationwide members and helped it raise over $25 million. In its 2018 drive, she hopes to help ECU both drive out special interest politicians and to help give more attention to finance reform.