Jason Hope Sets Sights on Anti-Aging Research

Aging is one of the great equalizers in our lives. No matter what our station in society, no matter how great our wealth, none of us can ultimately escape the inevitability of growing old. For centuries, even before the dawn of scientific method, great thinkers, shamans, physicians and alchemists sought ways to slow down, halt and even reverse aging. This ultimate search for immortality has in fact been one of the underlying forces driving progress since the beginning.

Modern medicine has seen quite a few breakthroughs that have extended life spans and taken the bite out of age, thus allowing the elderly to live longer, healthier and more active lifestyles. Jason Hope, a renowned futurist, entrepreneur and philanthropist has been anything but blind to these breakthroughs, and the still-present hurdles in overcoming the ravages of age.

Unlike many investors in tech and medicine, Jason Hope is driven just as strongly by his passion for his fellow man, and his desire to do his part in prolonging and improving the lives of people on our planet. Recently, he invested significant funds into the SENS program, which takes a new approach to combatting aging.

Many projects researching the causes of, and thus preventing the effects of aging pertain to chromosomal breakdown – the more cells split and reproduce, the more the DNA inside them breaks down from copying, thus resulting in cumulative breakdown of the body over long enough time. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Jason Hope, however, sees a lot of promise in SENS, which seeks to combat another prime cause of age and age-related illnesses. Glycation, which happens over time as the body’s systems break down, can be caused by a number of external influences. Many of these are diseases that work slowly, gradually reducing the integrity of the body’s structure not unlike termites and molds gradually causing a structure to break down far more quickly than simple weather and time would cause.

SENS focuses on discovering ways to immunize against these various ailments as well as combat diseases brought on by the aging itself. These include many cancers (which become increased risks as the body ages), Alzheimer’s, degradation of senses such as hearing and eyesight, neurological ailments and much more.

Jason Hope and other futurists highly invested in pushing these medical breakthroughs are the first ones to point out that there is a lot of work to be done yet, strongly emphasizing a need for more generations of interested medical students to devote their intellects towards unlocking these secrets for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Is this the long-awaited immortality so many predictions of the future promise is a few years away (since the industrial revolution)? No, but it is the road to children living in a world where their grandparents don’t suffer from immobility, dementia and other horrors so common to aging today. That’s definitely a cause worth fighting for, and Jason Hope agrees.

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