The Leadership Experience of Barbara Stokes is Important in Growth of Green Structure Homes, LLC.

Barbara Stokes, the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Corporation, has formulated and implemented different strategies that have helped to establish GSH as one of the best corporations in building disaster relief offering. The company has been efficient in its service delivery while at the same time offering quality houses that are not provided by other organizations. Barbara Stokes leadership experiencing and her training background has proved to be one of the best decisions that the organization did by employing her as the CEO of the entity. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes leadership qualities and experience makes her stand out among other CEO’s in the industry due to her immense qualifications and experience. A graduate of Mercer University with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering and other qualifications has gone further to be a top leader in the country. Having worked previously at Boeing, which is one of the largest multinational corporations around the world seems to have molded her the person she is today. Additionally, Barbara Stokes has further knowledge in government contracting which could have played a significant role in the award of the FEMA contract.

Her leadership qualities and experience ensure that she incorporates all the members of the organization in the decision-making process. This makes workers have a sense of belonging and pride for the company. This acts as a motivating factor where the workers offer their best to ensure that the company continues to provide quality homes in the industry. It is worth highlighting that employees have a significant role to play in the development and success of any corporation as witnessed through Green Structure Homes.


Barbara Stokes has been a leader who ensures that all the necessary procedures are followed before a policy can be implanted. For example, the proposal to build energy efficient homes passed through different phases before it was ready for commercial purposes. This means that she respects all the structures put down by the company to aid in the decision-making process. Many entities have failed to accomplish their aims and objectives after their leaders failed to offer guidance and to follow the necessary structures in the process of implementing specific policies. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.