How OSI Industries Has Conquered Food Production and Distribution Sector

Good leadership and dedication are facets that govern any organization. Sheldon Lavin has contributed greatly to the growth of OSI Industries. The company guarantees and is also committed to sustainable food production and distribution a promise that many competitor companies cannot keep. OSI Group as it is also called has been successful in its endeavours thanks to its long history of facing new challenges and embracing the latest technologies.

OSI Industries is the biggest food provider currently on the global platform. Its growth from humble beginnings is a fairytale. The company has grown from a just a simple butcher shop to the major supplier in the biggest chain of restaurants in the world, the Mcdonalds. Today OSI Group is a top-notch provider of food products worldwide and this is a fairytale every consumer will fancy. Read this articles at to for more info.

Sheldon has been enjoying a great career at OSI Industries. Through his leadership, the company has been able to hire the best employees and use the best technologies available to increase its productivity. Through its focus on sustainability, the company has been able to make profound decisions on its production and reach a wider clientele base

With the high demand for sustainable food products, OSI Industries has embraced the practice of adapting to innovating and one of a kind technologies. This strategy has been rewarding for the company and its clients. As a result of their endeavours in the production of environmentally conscious products, OSI Food Solutions has received numerous awards.

For instance, the company and its extensive workforce have received the Global Visionary Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award as well as the California Green Business Award to name but a few. To Sheldon Lavin, as the CEO of the company, these awards have been a real reflection of his incalculable contributions to the business world and his illustrious career. Besides focusing on sustainability and production of environmentally friendly products, OSI Group has also increased its global reach.

This has been possible through the guidance of Lavin and his executive team. The company has expanded its business reach in Chicago, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Spain among other European nations. Lavin has made it clear that OSI Industries is yearning for more and it is focused on providing its large clientele base with even better food products. Visit:



Food Is The Reason David McDonald Rose To The Top And The Reason He Stays At The Top

David McDonald is fascinated by biology and agriculture. This was enough to get his foot through the door at OSI Group three decades ago. It his passion for growth, however, that has kept him in the company. He joined OSI Group as a manager and climbed the career ladder, holding the president position today. Like his personal growth, the company reflects an extension of its own due to his exemplary leadership.

The president had his visions when he first joined food industry, but he bought into the company vision and ran away with it. The company believes in meeting customer needs and going beyond their expectations. David McDonald made this his mantra and the massive success at OSI Group attests to it.

The man believes that if food is not suitable for personal use, it is not good for the market either. It is this belief that ensures that OSI Group does not compromise on quality of their products. Under the keen eye of David McDonald, the company expands every day. They have subsidiaries beyond the border, the most notable one being the ten poultry processing plants in China. The project was the president’s idea and runs without a glitch. It meets expectations, standards, and demand.

The food industry is strife with bad reports, but such is not the case at OSI Group. The company is always looking for ways to expand, and recently acquired Baho Food from the Dutch. The president was thrilled and quick to point out their growing presence in Europe. The acquisitions not merely an expansion but a testament to the culture of quality held by OSI group.

For a president that is not keen on blowing his own trumpet, satisfied customers are doing it on his behalf. A happy client is all the PR a company needs to excel. The president realized that a long time ago and learned to sit back as his work speaks for him and his company. Industry leaders in food sector can borrow a leaf from David McDonald.
Forming and maintaining powerful alliances over the years is the reason the president has sustained the company. His knack for identifying like-minded companies and approaching them for collaborations is the reason OSI Group is a force to reckon with.

More about David McDonald

He attended and graduated from the Iowa State University with an Animal Science degree. He grew up in the Iowa State and has always had a fascination with agriculture. This may explain his attraction to the food industry. Besides serving at OSI Group, he sits on the board of North American Meat Institute and Marfrig Global Foods.

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