Fortress Investment Group Aiming for the Top Position by Providing Exceptional Service to their Clients

Fortress Investment Group has become a global phenomenon in the business of asset management as it not only provides comprehensive financial and investment services to the clients but has a proven track record that speaks for itself. The company manages more than $70 billion in assets for its over 1,750 clients based across the globe. The company pioneers in the field of asset and investment management and have a host of professional investment managers who have years of experience in the business.

Fortress Investment Group started its operations in the year 1998 and went on to become the first private equity firm in the United States to be traded publicly. The company went public in the year 2007 and has since then diversified into providing many financial services, including hedge funds, credit funds, alternative asset management, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and so on. Fortress Investment Group was founded by three financial executives, namely Wesley Edens, Rob Kaufmann, and Randal Nardone. Even though the company initially was a private equity firm, it went onto start many other services in the areas of real estate, debt securities, hedge funds, and more. Today, it has nearly two thousands clients across the globe and regional offices in different parts of the world. It continues to expand its operations globally because it believes that the only way to stay competitive is by reaching out to new clients. The personalized fashion in which it devises the investment strategies for the clients and helps them manage their asset and wealth has proven beneficial for the clients. The results it has provided to the clients are overwhelming, even in the bear market.

Apart from running their business, Fortress Investment Group has also been involved in many different things. In the last decade, they helped finance the 2010 Winter Olympics to help build the skiing village that cost about $2 billion. The company is also known to take care of their employees and allow them to flourish. The company offers training but insists on them to learn while working. The employees are provided with a friendly environment where they are free to discuss any issues with the management openly.

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GreenSky Credit Is A Popular Program

GreenSky is a popular lender that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Created 12 years ago by David Zalik, the company is known for lending thousands of dollars to contractors, manufacturers, construction crews, and homeowners through its GreenSky Credit lending program.

Who uses GreenSky’s lending program, GreenSky Credit?

To date – as of late August 2018 – approximately 1.9 million Americans have solicited the services of GreenSky Credit since the program was made available to consumers in 2006, the year GreenSky was founded.

Throughout its 12-year history, most of GreenSky’s customers have been contractors – construction crews – that didn’t have enough money to purchase materials to start on or finish projects themselves.

Most construction, remodeling, building, and home improvement crews are paid for their jobs in increments. Once certain landmarks of completion are hit, customers release agreed-upon chunks of money that builders can use to purchase materials and pay their crews. However, this funding process often takes several days for builders to ultimately get their hands on money that’s necessary to complete their jobs.

GreenSky Program Loan is a popular choice of contracting customers

It’s important to note that not only professional builders are awarded loans through the GreenSky Credit lending program – homeowners, landlords, and even renters are, too.

The GreenSky Program Loan is a line of credit that’s open for up to six consecutive months and is geared towards both professional and personal builders that aren’t completely sure of what expenses they’ll incur throughout the building period. This often happens in construction and remodeling, making it geared directly towards the likes of people who work on houses and industrial facilities for a living.

Part of GreenSky Credit, the GreenSky Program Loan provides customers with Home Improvement Payment Cards that can be used at home improvement stores across the United States. The main reason why builders opt for this financing structure is that they ‘re able to spend exactly what he needs, unlike loans that run in increments of thousands of dollars and can leave hundreds of leftover funds debtors are forced to pay back.