” Fund Raising for female patients of Pelvic floor disorder “

Renovia came into being in August 2016. Marc Beer is its chief executive officer as well as its founder. Marc Beer has 25 years of experience of commercialization in different fields like pharmaceutical, diagnostic industries, device, and biotechnology. At the moment, the company has been into one of the leads related to health care venture. Around three hundred workers were employed in the firm in the past year. Initially, Maar Beer founded ViaCell and remained its chief executive officer. ViaCell dealt in biotechnology and mainly worked in the collection and development of blood stem cells of the umbilical cord. Later he associated himself with Renovia. Marc invested 100% of his efforts, hard work and determination in Renovia and as a result within a span of seven years, Renovia became one of the leading companies.


Marc Beer is a true humanitarian and always tries to put in his efforts for a good cause. He has immensely worked for people who have pelvic floor disorder. As he has a wide range of experience and amazing intelligence, therefore, he keeps himself up to date about the ongoing development in his field. Research says that on a worldwide level, around 250 million women come across pelvic issues such as urinary incontinence. A Medical company situated in Boston has been considering few solution, strategies, and treatments to help out the patients of pelvic floor disorder. In April, Leva, the first production of Renovia, got an FDA approval.


Another health concerned company named The Longwood Fund has joined it for the right cause. In the past, this firm has also helped Renovia. Initially, Missouri-based Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisors situated in New York were the leading firms in fundraising. The main purpose of raising funds was to invest the money in the research and development of therapies and medicine which help the patients of pelvic floor disorder. Leva device, will also be included in the list. Up until now, $420 million have been raised as a result of joint efforts.


Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia stated his happiness on the whole fundraising process and said that in future they intend to work with the collaborating company as both of the firms work for a good purpose and want to help the people who need it. Both firms are hopeful about the emergence of better diagnostic and treating processes helping millions of females across the globe. In addition to this, Marc also said that they have modern and active technology of sensor along with form factor giving rise to a platform related to health care. This will help the subscribers and users to stay abreast with the new researches and treatments being developed and produced. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/marc-beer/


End Citizens United Seeks To End Special Interest Funding

End Citizens United is a Democratic political action committee that concentrates on getting big money out of politics. Late last year, it announced that it had chosen 20 Republicans (who it calls “Big Money 20”) who they say favored personal money interests over their constituents. They will focus on ousting this Big Money 20 this year. This list of 20 includes the following politicians: Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Representative Mike Bishop of Michigan, Representative Rod Blum of Iowa, Representative Mike Bost of Illinois, Representative Mike Coffman of Colorado, Representative Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania, Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey, Representative Duncan Hunter of California. Representative Will Hurd of Texas, Representative Darrell Issa of California, Representative Tom MacArthur of New Jersey, Representative Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania, Representative Erik Paulsen of Minnesota, Representative Rob Pittenger of North Carolina, Representative Dana Rohrbacher of California, Representative Peter Roskam of Illinois, Representative Claudia Tenney of New York, and Representative Mimi Walters of California.

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This year, ECU plans to raise $35 million to the end of the goal of affecting the upcoming reelections of these Republicans. ECU very gladly accepts donations, but by law PACs cannot accept anything over $5,000. Although it is forbidden to accept more than this, ECU is very clear that it wholeheartedly depends on these small donations to do what it does. And there is clearly much interest in the voting population. Studies have shown that reducing special interest money is one of the top priorities of most independent voters.

End Citizens United is led by its President and Executive Director, Tiffany Muller. When she first came on board the ECU team she already had much experience helping the progressive grassroots effectively attain results. And her time in leadership has proven extremely successful. She has helped ECU grow to 3 million nationwide members and helped it raise over $25 million. In its 2018 drive, she hopes to help ECU both drive out special interest politicians and to help give more attention to finance reform.

Hurricane Harvey Victims Receive Help from U.S. Money Reserve

In a bid to adhere to corporate social responsibility, US Money Reserve recently announced a partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), a non-profit organization to help Hurricane Harvey survivors get to recover from the devastating event. The company is in the process of organizing a relief fund where all donations will directly be channeled to ADRN to cater for the immediate emergency needs of survivors. Learn more: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/10/austin-disaster-relief-network-and-u-s-money-reserve-help-survivors-of-hurricane-harvey/


US Money Reserve concern About Hurricane Harvey


For the US Money reserve, hurricane Harvey hit almost below the belt. The storm swept several parts of the Texas Gulf Coast region and consequently affected a proportionate size of the company’s staff as well as customers. US Money reserve was founded in Austin, Texas and the town still hosts its headquarters. However, apart from its headquarters in Austin, Texas, US Money reserve also has offices in Lumberton and Beaumont.


About US Money Reserve


US Money reserve is the largest legally recognized distributor of US government issued silver, gold, platinum and silver coins. It was started in the year 2001 by a group of gold market experts and veterans who recognized the need for combining high-quality customer services, expert knowledge as well as trustworthy and necessary guidance when it comes to the precious metal business. The company prides itself with a broad base of clients who have realized the benefits that come with trading on precious metals such as gold.


The main objective of US Money Reserve is to offer their clients with exceptional US government issued precious metals that is gold, silver and platinum coins. They have experts who give clients relevant information about what precious metals to purchase at what time to attract higher profit margins. That is probably the reason why the company’s client base is ever increasing.


Getting Texas Back to Recovery


After the devastating disaster, the people of Texas are now more than ready to pick up their pieces and start the process of rebuilding their lives. Luckily there is adequate aid coming from the federal government as well as several non-profit organizations such as the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN). However, Greg Abbot, Texas governor admitted that the recovery process is going to be both costly and time-consuming.


Other than the federal government and non-profit organizations, people who were lucky to escape the wrath of Hurricane Harvey opened up their businesses and homes to those who were adversely affected. Learn more: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/


Although it will take time and cost a lot of money to bring back Texas to what it was, US Money Reserve is confident that it will play a big role in providing help where needed. The company has also assured its employees and customers of their commitment to ensuring that they get back to their usual lives as soon as possible.