Flavia Maluf : The CEO of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a prominent businessman in Brazil. He majors in Eucalyptus products. He is recognized as a sustainability leader since he promoted and advocates for production of eco-friendly products. He operates Eucatex which is a family business that was created by his father and uncle. The name Eucatex is derived from Eucalyptus since this their raw material. This company was developed with an objective of producing items from natural raw materials.

Eucatex is the leading company in the production and marketing of wood fiber insulations. It used Eucalyptus as a raw material to make durable and high-quality products that are supplied to both local and international markets. Eucatex is comprised of furniture and construction departments. It manufactures materials by the implementation of modern technology to achieve the international set standards of production. This company also deals with the production of various other products such as laminate floors and paints. Read this articles of Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

Flavio Maluf has tremendous contributed in the environmental conservation through Eucatex. Flavio believes that the business leaders need to do their best to upgrade the world habitat. The company has gained much recognition since it has shown exemplary devotion in protecting the environment for the sake of the upcoming and future generations. Eucatex carries out reforestation for the already cut down eucalyptus on a yearly basis.

Flavio Maluf has incredible leadership skills that helped Eucatex attain its goals and objectives in the production of environmentally friendly products. Maluf was fascinated by Eucatex business model on joining them. However, his main concern was the environmental state. He committed himself in protecting forests in Brazil. Flavio Maluf started with ceiling tiles. He learned this form of business from locals who majored in the production of tiles from Eucalyptus trees. Flavio became the president of Eucatex in 1997. His appointment was not a surprise as all his colleagues expected it. He earned this position rightfully.

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