Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Rescuing Financially Burdened Families in Australia

On 30th July 2018, Infinity Group Australia was ranked at 58th on the prestigious list of Most Innovative Company, published by The Australian Financial Review. There were one thousand contenders this year. They have a subscriber base of approximately 1.8 million followers. With a rich history of 50 years, they have a strong hold on the news in Australia related to finance, business and investment.



In the year 2013, Infinity Group Australia was founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. It is currently the fasting growing company that specializes in the field of debt reduction, helping people from all walks of life. Australian citizens who opt for their service, always manage to reduce their debt, enhance their personal budgets. It took only a mere 5 years for the company to be listed as one of the top 100 most innovative companies across the two countries.



Graeme Holm had 15 years of experience in the financial sector before he came up with Infinity Group. He is a man whose noble motives of keeping an honest environment in banks and helping out families who need financial assistance, inspired him to come up with Infinity Group Australia. Graeme Holm’s intense research on Australian mortgage market, helped him recognize major flaws and inefficiencies in the system. The notable issues were mostly customer support issues with rare or no advice and guidance for the families. Infinity Group took a unique step of appointing a dedicated banker for every client to guide them with strategies for debt reductions and faster repay of loans. Clients get a report stating their performance for the month. The reports contain reviews based on how the client implemented the strategies advised, and provide readjustments if required to maintain budgets that would eventually lead to the success of the client. Australian based Infinity Group not only helps in reducing debt but also assists in the creation of wealth and also help in guiding retirement plans.



Inventium, the leading consultancy in Australia, is responsible for the list published by AFR. Inventium judged the companies with the help of industry experts by the following criterions:



  • The company’s approach to the problem and how effectively they came up with the solution.
  • They also checked the level of quality and how different it is from mainstream or common solutions for the same problem.
  • The efficiency of the solution in practical applications.
  • They also consider other parameters like the innovation involved along with the resources used and strategies planned.



Headquartered in Sydney, Infinity Group is It is expanding at a very fast pace and increasing in strength with each passing day. The company takes customer feedback as their topmost priority, the main reason behind the success of Infinity Group. They have set a record of claiming to have helped all their clients repay a major chunk of their home loans in the first 3 months which takes around 1 year in banking firms with poor financial structures. Infinity Group Australia has emerged as a boon for the families of Australia. Learn more :