Krishen Iyer Has Led To the Extensive Growth of Quick Link Marketing

Krishen Iyer is widely recognized for the knowledge that he possesses in areas such as marketing. As a managing partner at Quick Link Marketing, he has contributed significantly to the growth of the firm. Quick Link Marketing is currently known as Managed Benefits Service. As for Krishen Iyer, he brings on board his knowledge about technical developments, online marketing, and client relations. The company is situated in Carlsbad, California. With Iyer on board, the company will continue to have a progressive growth curve. As a company that deals with marketing, Quick Link connects clients to various companies that can meet the needs of each of their clients. Their marketing solutions are also useful.

The success of Krishen Iyer accrues from his intellectual curiosity. He also pays close attention to each detail, and that is why he was able to excel in his academics while at the San Diego State University and the Grossmont College. He graduated with honors after completing his undergraduate degree in public administration and urban development. Although being a managing partner at Quick Link Marketing has been very involving, Krishen Iyer still spares some time to engage in community service. Visit Iyer’s LinkedIn page to see his profile

Iyer usually takes part in the cleaning up of local parks. He also avails himself whenever there is a humanitarian crisis. For instance, he has been trying to offer some assistance after the Haiti relief efforts by providing various forms of contributions. When asked about how Quick Link Marketing came about, Iyer says that the firm was founded with the primary aim of offering specialized marketing solutions. The idea came about after realizing that there was a huge need for such services and they were not present in the marketplace. Follow this link to read more about marketing strategies by Krishen Iyer.

On a daily basis, Krishen Iyer is tasked with client interfacing as well as technical development. He always tries to come up with a schedule that will help to ensure that he is very productive. When bringing ideas to life, Krishen Iyer acknowledges that communication is paramount. The best ideas are brought about after some scrutiny from various individuals. The only way to gain such views is by communicating with people about the plans that you have in mind.

The Growth of Investment with Nitin Khanna

In life, very few individuals are willing to try out things in a different manner. Challenging your level of standards and believes stands as a critical decision to make so that others can follow. Nitin Khanna is such an individual who motivates people and focuses on getting success. Nitin Khanna is a well-known businessman and a prominent merger and acquisition and an investment banker in the entire U.S. As a first-generation immigrant into the U.S. and being able to set up a significant technology company, Khanna motivates the youths of this nation in development.

Nitin Khanna grew up in Ambala and went to The Lawrence School, Sanawar. As a colonel’s son and student in India, the individual maintained a disciplined life. Also, Khanna has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Purdue, see his academic qualifications here Khanna knows that success will come ones in life when you decide to pursue things differently. The leader considers the world as a whole as a marketplace rather than dividing it into pieces. In 2009, Khanna established Merger Tech company following his qualification and contemporary experience in M&A dealings.

Merger Tech offers advice on merger and acquisition to investors as a technology bank company. The firm gains popularity and attracts more clients due to the individual and personalized advice from Khanna based on his past experiences and knowledge on M$A handling. As the U.S. based technology establishment, other non-U.S. firms and non-technology companies are willing to pay more for Merger Tech. The company appeared in major publications, like the Wall Street Journal. Also, many other journals reported Merger Tech as one of the highest performing banks ahead of major banks, like the Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan.

Nitin Khanna held various potions and is the co-founder of Saber.cop, a firm that offers state government solutions. Many people have significant trust in Khanna’s capability and dreams. Since the beginning of Saber, Khanna grew together with the company in operation and knowledge until the firm acquired more than 1200 workers and producing a net worth of $120 million every year as revenue. Khanna led over 8 M$A transactions at Sober, an experience that makes him an optimal leader at Merger Tech.

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Stream Energy : Giving back & Earning Loyalty

During times of natural disasters, often we don’t associate charity with corporations, in fact, according to recent data, in 2016 alone corporations donated over 19 Billion dollars to charitable causes and or foundations. Although monetary donations are great, often it takes more than writing a check to make a difference. Companies like Stream Energy are taking the challenge of innovating the way companies give back to the community. In the wake of the disaster in Houston left behind by Hurrican Harvey, only one company was on the ground ready to bring aid in any way possible to people.

With the help of their incredible associates and their foundation “stream Cares”, basic necessities such as toilet paper, women products and warm meals were provided. Stream Energy has made a name for themselves lately, their business model consists of having associates manage themselves in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Associates create networking groups within their community in order to provide people with fixed rate energy plans or mobile plans as well. Because of this many of Stream Energy’s associates create a bond with their customers which leads a majority of them to volunteer. Other than “Stream Cares”, Stream Energy also partners with other associations such as the Red Cros Of America and Dallas based Hope which helps to bring meals and mentors to the homeless children around the Dallas area. In addition, Stream Energy purchases over a thousand water park tickets so these homeless children can experience a day of fun, something that unfortunately they never have the chance to do.

Due to all the efforts being put forward by Stream, many other companies are following suit. According to advisors, forming charitable organizations or foundations allow companies to have what they call a buffer in case any issues arise out into the public such as a scandal or low stock prices. Although not all companies are in it for the good of the community, there is no doubt that the end results are a win-win situation.

GreenSky : The Billion-dollar Middleman

It seems like you need to be a college dropout in order to succeed these days. All of the wealthiest business people that I read about never matriculated through a University. Perhaps it is the power of a real-world experience that makes these people so successful. The latest one that I’m reading about in Forbes, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal is the CEO and founder of GreenSky .

David Zalik

Zalik started his company back in 2006. He believed in his vision so much that he took out a $10 million loan using his Atlanta-based real estate as collateral. For years, he fought the temptation to bring in outside investors in order to retain complete control of his financial tech company. It’s now made him a billionaire three times over.



Dropping Out Of School

The founder of GreenSky  found so much success in college that he dropped out. In fact, he started attending Auburn University at the age of 14 because he tested out of high school. The math genius began to build computers from found parts in order to sell them to fellow students. It was a smashing success. The company even dabbled in software before Zalik dropped out to start GreenSky .

In The Details

There are a variety of financial tech companies out there. Most of them are “revolutionizing” the way that people receive loans. But GreenSky  works a little bit differently. The financial tech services company relies on local banks to fulfill all of their loans. This is why the company is so genius.

Little To No Exposure

Financial tech companies run the risk of going belly up when customers default on their loans. But nobody will ever default on a GreenSky  loan because the financial tech services company passes all that risk onto a bank. Then the bank cuts them a little bit of money at the end of the year to share in the profits.

Contractors also send GreenSky a portion of their profits. This makes the billion-dollar company a middleman with no exposure.

Jason Hope Sets Sights on Anti-Aging Research

Aging is one of the great equalizers in our lives. No matter what our station in society, no matter how great our wealth, none of us can ultimately escape the inevitability of growing old. For centuries, even before the dawn of scientific method, great thinkers, shamans, physicians and alchemists sought ways to slow down, halt and even reverse aging. This ultimate search for immortality has in fact been one of the underlying forces driving progress since the beginning.

Modern medicine has seen quite a few breakthroughs that have extended life spans and taken the bite out of age, thus allowing the elderly to live longer, healthier and more active lifestyles. Jason Hope, a renowned futurist, entrepreneur and philanthropist has been anything but blind to these breakthroughs, and the still-present hurdles in overcoming the ravages of age.

Unlike many investors in tech and medicine, Jason Hope is driven just as strongly by his passion for his fellow man, and his desire to do his part in prolonging and improving the lives of people on our planet. Recently, he invested significant funds into the SENS program, which takes a new approach to combatting aging.

Many projects researching the causes of, and thus preventing the effects of aging pertain to chromosomal breakdown – the more cells split and reproduce, the more the DNA inside them breaks down from copying, thus resulting in cumulative breakdown of the body over long enough time. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Jason Hope, however, sees a lot of promise in SENS, which seeks to combat another prime cause of age and age-related illnesses. Glycation, which happens over time as the body’s systems break down, can be caused by a number of external influences. Many of these are diseases that work slowly, gradually reducing the integrity of the body’s structure not unlike termites and molds gradually causing a structure to break down far more quickly than simple weather and time would cause.

SENS focuses on discovering ways to immunize against these various ailments as well as combat diseases brought on by the aging itself. These include many cancers (which become increased risks as the body ages), Alzheimer’s, degradation of senses such as hearing and eyesight, neurological ailments and much more.

Jason Hope and other futurists highly invested in pushing these medical breakthroughs are the first ones to point out that there is a lot of work to be done yet, strongly emphasizing a need for more generations of interested medical students to devote their intellects towards unlocking these secrets for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Is this the long-awaited immortality so many predictions of the future promise is a few years away (since the industrial revolution)? No, but it is the road to children living in a world where their grandparents don’t suffer from immobility, dementia and other horrors so common to aging today. That’s definitely a cause worth fighting for, and Jason Hope agrees.

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