The Growth of Investment with Nitin Khanna

In life, very few individuals are willing to try out things in a different manner. Challenging your level of standards and believes stands as a critical decision to make so that others can follow. Nitin Khanna is such an individual who motivates people and focuses on getting success. Nitin Khanna is a well-known businessman and a prominent merger and acquisition and an investment banker in the entire U.S. As a first-generation immigrant into the U.S. and being able to set up a significant technology company, Khanna motivates the youths of this nation in development.

Nitin Khanna grew up in Ambala and went to The Lawrence School, Sanawar. As a colonel’s son and student in India, the individual maintained a disciplined life. Also, Khanna has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Purdue, see his academic qualifications here Khanna knows that success will come ones in life when you decide to pursue things differently. The leader considers the world as a whole as a marketplace rather than dividing it into pieces. In 2009, Khanna established Merger Tech company following his qualification and contemporary experience in M&A dealings.

Merger Tech offers advice on merger and acquisition to investors as a technology bank company. The firm gains popularity and attracts more clients due to the individual and personalized advice from Khanna based on his past experiences and knowledge on M$A handling. As the U.S. based technology establishment, other non-U.S. firms and non-technology companies are willing to pay more for Merger Tech. The company appeared in major publications, like the Wall Street Journal. Also, many other journals reported Merger Tech as one of the highest performing banks ahead of major banks, like the Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan.

Nitin Khanna held various potions and is the co-founder of Saber.cop, a firm that offers state government solutions. Many people have significant trust in Khanna’s capability and dreams. Since the beginning of Saber, Khanna grew together with the company in operation and knowledge until the firm acquired more than 1200 workers and producing a net worth of $120 million every year as revenue. Khanna led over 8 M$A transactions at Sober, an experience that makes him an optimal leader at Merger Tech.

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Doe Deere is the Embodiment of the American Dream

Doe Deere has made a success of herself in the United States, but it is a journey that began thousands of miles away in Russia. She was 17 when she moved from her hometown of Izhevsk to America. The only knowledge she had of America was from the music and films she had watched as a child. New York was a big part of that popular culture, and so it was with optimism that she arrived there. The sheer size of New York was something Xenia Vorotova, her name before she changed it, noticed. It was a far cry from the town she grew up in. The movies she had seen did not prepare her for the scale of New York City.

While Deere’s mother had a successful career in Russia, she was not able to obtain the same type of work in America. She had to work as a cleaner which meant that the family could not survive in a city like New York. Deere did what she could to help, and she walked dogs to contribute. While it was work the family did not want to do, Deere dreamed of one day working in the fashion business. They were forced to move into a homeless shelter when they met someone who would change their lives.

Dorchen Leidholdt was the leader of Sanctuary for Families. Not only did Leidholdt help Deere’s mother get a better job, she also helped Deere begin her career in fashion. When Leidholdt saw some of the drawings Deere had done while in the shelter, she helped her get into the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was a pivotal moment in Deere’s move into fashion, and by 2008 she had started her own fashion company, Lime Crime.

Although it took a while and it required many hard times, Deere knows that anything is possible in America. She also knows that it is not possible to achieve that dream without some help. As with most immigrants, Deere is grateful for the help she received, and she is truly one of America’s great success stories.

Freedom Checks: Too Good to be True?… Not!

Money makes the world go round – it is now definitely a necessity that everyone needs and everyone absolutely wants. Though, we may live off the land and just have enough money to get us by – a lot of us want a bit more of it so we can live conveniently and comfortably. This is why a lot of people work their bums off to get more money to be able to sustain themselves and their loved ones sufficiently. But of course, everyone wants to live a life that they do minimal work but they get the maximum outcome – but that seems impossible right? It just doesn’t sound fair and right…you guessed wrong! When you invest your money into something that is sure to earn and sure to grow overtime – and an investment like freedom checks can get you there … and fast!

A lot of investment opportunities are showing up and getting viral on the internet – but most of them are scams or it is not what they seem to be. Which is why when Freedom Checks hit the internet, there seemed to be a lot of doubts and worries about it – but fret not freedom checks aren’t scams at all!

Right after Matt Badiali hit the internet with a video featuring him holding a check that had an attractive amount of money written on it, and when he explained how he got it, everyone was absolutely in on it right away! This investment is absolutely tax free and it is legally so because of a law called Statute 6-F. This enables more than 500 energy businesses to send financial rewards in form of checks to their investors. These kinds of firms are what we call master limited partnerships – and they play a role in energy production – and to be able to have tax exemption from the government, they have to contribute 90 cents / dollar that they earn back to their investors.

Freedom Checks do get your money fast and easy – you let a finance firm handle your money for you and they will invest it into these energy companies, and the bigger the cash you put in, the bigger it will come out!

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Talkspace Offers Online Therapy for People with Mental Illnesses

There are numerous people across the globe who is struggling to lead a normal life due to the various mental health problems they are facing. The mental health problems can develop without warning, and while most of the times, there are underlying reasons as to why mental health issues crop up, sometimes there are no probable reasons as to why mental health problem surfaced. In any case, getting it treated immediately is essential, and it is where the need of a professional therapist comes in. They are licensed and can help people get treatment for their depression.

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Talkspace has emerged as a savior for the people who cannot afford traditional therapy or don’t want to go to the office of the therapist for counseling. There are many people who are uncomfortable going to the office of the therapist or revealing their personal lives matter in front of a therapist. Talkspace is helping people to lead their lives normally by letting them sort out their mental health issues with the help of a professional therapist without going anywhere or the need to spend a lot of money. There are affordable packages that you can choose from depending on your requirements and the representatives at Talkspace would connect you with a suitable therapist depending on your mental health issues.

Talkspace is not just about offering therapy services but also raise awareness about mental illnesses and the need to get therapy. Thus, the Talkspace team decided to make someone part of the team who has gone through depression themselves and therapy allowed them to come out of it. Michael Phelps, the famous Olympian was the chosen one, and he too was happy to help the Talkspace team to raise awareness about mental help and the benefits of getting therapy. More people are getting inspired to come forward and seek help.

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How OSI Industries Has Conquered Food Production and Distribution Sector

Good leadership and dedication are facets that govern any organization. Sheldon Lavin has contributed greatly to the growth of OSI Industries. The company guarantees and is also committed to sustainable food production and distribution a promise that many competitor companies cannot keep. OSI Group as it is also called has been successful in its endeavours thanks to its long history of facing new challenges and embracing the latest technologies.

OSI Industries is the biggest food provider currently on the global platform. Its growth from humble beginnings is a fairytale. The company has grown from a just a simple butcher shop to the major supplier in the biggest chain of restaurants in the world, the Mcdonalds. Today OSI Group is a top-notch provider of food products worldwide and this is a fairytale every consumer will fancy. Read this articles at to for more info.

Sheldon has been enjoying a great career at OSI Industries. Through his leadership, the company has been able to hire the best employees and use the best technologies available to increase its productivity. Through its focus on sustainability, the company has been able to make profound decisions on its production and reach a wider clientele base

With the high demand for sustainable food products, OSI Industries has embraced the practice of adapting to innovating and one of a kind technologies. This strategy has been rewarding for the company and its clients. As a result of their endeavours in the production of environmentally conscious products, OSI Food Solutions has received numerous awards.

For instance, the company and its extensive workforce have received the Global Visionary Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award as well as the California Green Business Award to name but a few. To Sheldon Lavin, as the CEO of the company, these awards have been a real reflection of his incalculable contributions to the business world and his illustrious career. Besides focusing on sustainability and production of environmentally friendly products, OSI Group has also increased its global reach.

This has been possible through the guidance of Lavin and his executive team. The company has expanded its business reach in Chicago, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Spain among other European nations. Lavin has made it clear that OSI Industries is yearning for more and it is focused on providing its large clientele base with even better food products. Visit:



Stream Energy : Giving back & Earning Loyalty

During times of natural disasters, often we don’t associate charity with corporations, in fact, according to recent data, in 2016 alone corporations donated over 19 Billion dollars to charitable causes and or foundations. Although monetary donations are great, often it takes more than writing a check to make a difference. Companies like Stream Energy are taking the challenge of innovating the way companies give back to the community. In the wake of the disaster in Houston left behind by Hurrican Harvey, only one company was on the ground ready to bring aid in any way possible to people.

With the help of their incredible associates and their foundation “stream Cares”, basic necessities such as toilet paper, women products and warm meals were provided. Stream Energy has made a name for themselves lately, their business model consists of having associates manage themselves in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Associates create networking groups within their community in order to provide people with fixed rate energy plans or mobile plans as well. Because of this many of Stream Energy’s associates create a bond with their customers which leads a majority of them to volunteer. Other than “Stream Cares”, Stream Energy also partners with other associations such as the Red Cros Of America and Dallas based Hope which helps to bring meals and mentors to the homeless children around the Dallas area. In addition, Stream Energy purchases over a thousand water park tickets so these homeless children can experience a day of fun, something that unfortunately they never have the chance to do.

Due to all the efforts being put forward by Stream, many other companies are following suit. According to advisors, forming charitable organizations or foundations allow companies to have what they call a buffer in case any issues arise out into the public such as a scandal or low stock prices. Although not all companies are in it for the good of the community, there is no doubt that the end results are a win-win situation.

Flavia Maluf : The CEO of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a prominent businessman in Brazil. He majors in Eucalyptus products. He is recognized as a sustainability leader since he promoted and advocates for production of eco-friendly products. He operates Eucatex which is a family business that was created by his father and uncle. The name Eucatex is derived from Eucalyptus since this their raw material. This company was developed with an objective of producing items from natural raw materials.

Eucatex is the leading company in the production and marketing of wood fiber insulations. It used Eucalyptus as a raw material to make durable and high-quality products that are supplied to both local and international markets. Eucatex is comprised of furniture and construction departments. It manufactures materials by the implementation of modern technology to achieve the international set standards of production. This company also deals with the production of various other products such as laminate floors and paints. Read this articles of Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

Flavio Maluf has tremendous contributed in the environmental conservation through Eucatex. Flavio believes that the business leaders need to do their best to upgrade the world habitat. The company has gained much recognition since it has shown exemplary devotion in protecting the environment for the sake of the upcoming and future generations. Eucatex carries out reforestation for the already cut down eucalyptus on a yearly basis.

Flavio Maluf has incredible leadership skills that helped Eucatex attain its goals and objectives in the production of environmentally friendly products. Maluf was fascinated by Eucatex business model on joining them. However, his main concern was the environmental state. He committed himself in protecting forests in Brazil. Flavio Maluf started with ceiling tiles. He learned this form of business from locals who majored in the production of tiles from Eucalyptus trees. Flavio became the president of Eucatex in 1997. His appointment was not a surprise as all his colleagues expected it. He earned this position rightfully.



With AM PM Essentials, Jeunesse Global makes big entrance into nutraceutical business

One of the biggest problems to confront those who use stimulants in order to increase their productivity throughout the workday is the specter of not being able to fall asleep at night. Increasingly, in today’s highly competitive work environment, many workers are turning to natural supplements and stimulants, such as caffeine-based drinks and other natural means of waking themselves up, in order to become more productive throughout the workday. While use of such substances is often an effective means of temporarily boosting one’s productivity, the consequences of doing so over the long-term can be severe, eventually reaching the point of completely negating the benefits to be had by using daytime stimulants for the enhancement of productivity.

Many studies have shown that workplace productivity drops off dramatically after the lunch break. The truth is that most workers are, by far, most productive between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. After the lunch break, productivity tends to slump severely, leading many employees to be virtually incapable of producing at a reasonable level for the remainder of the work day.

Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading companies in the development of cutting-edge nutraceutical supplements, has developed a multivitamin that tackles both the problems of daytime productivity as well as the tendency of using natural stimulants throughout the day to prevent people from getting a good night’s sleep. Called AM PM Essentials, this all-new multivitamin, which is formulated with completely natural ingredients, packs a powerful punch of vitamins and natural stimulants to help people stay at their competitive best throughout the work day.

But it is at night where AM PM Essentials really shows its stuff, helping to ensure that users are able to get a good night’s sleep, every night of the week. The nighttime formulation included in AM PM Essentials helps people to wind down on a consistent basis throughout the evening, ensuring that people are ready for a deep sleep at the same time every night.

There is no better way to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the following day then to sleep well all night long.

GreenSky : The Billion-dollar Middleman

It seems like you need to be a college dropout in order to succeed these days. All of the wealthiest business people that I read about never matriculated through a University. Perhaps it is the power of a real-world experience that makes these people so successful. The latest one that I’m reading about in Forbes, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal is the CEO and founder of GreenSky .

David Zalik

Zalik started his company back in 2006. He believed in his vision so much that he took out a $10 million loan using his Atlanta-based real estate as collateral. For years, he fought the temptation to bring in outside investors in order to retain complete control of his financial tech company. It’s now made him a billionaire three times over.



Dropping Out Of School

The founder of GreenSky  found so much success in college that he dropped out. In fact, he started attending Auburn University at the age of 14 because he tested out of high school. The math genius began to build computers from found parts in order to sell them to fellow students. It was a smashing success. The company even dabbled in software before Zalik dropped out to start GreenSky .

In The Details

There are a variety of financial tech companies out there. Most of them are “revolutionizing” the way that people receive loans. But GreenSky  works a little bit differently. The financial tech services company relies on local banks to fulfill all of their loans. This is why the company is so genius.

Little To No Exposure

Financial tech companies run the risk of going belly up when customers default on their loans. But nobody will ever default on a GreenSky  loan because the financial tech services company passes all that risk onto a bank. Then the bank cuts them a little bit of money at the end of the year to share in the profits.

Contractors also send GreenSky a portion of their profits. This makes the billion-dollar company a middleman with no exposure.

GreenSky Credit Is A Popular Program

GreenSky is a popular lender that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Created 12 years ago by David Zalik, the company is known for lending thousands of dollars to contractors, manufacturers, construction crews, and homeowners through its GreenSky Credit lending program.

Who uses GreenSky’s lending program, GreenSky Credit?

To date – as of late August 2018 – approximately 1.9 million Americans have solicited the services of GreenSky Credit since the program was made available to consumers in 2006, the year GreenSky was founded.

Throughout its 12-year history, most of GreenSky’s customers have been contractors – construction crews – that didn’t have enough money to purchase materials to start on or finish projects themselves.

Most construction, remodeling, building, and home improvement crews are paid for their jobs in increments. Once certain landmarks of completion are hit, customers release agreed-upon chunks of money that builders can use to purchase materials and pay their crews. However, this funding process often takes several days for builders to ultimately get their hands on money that’s necessary to complete their jobs.

GreenSky Program Loan is a popular choice of contracting customers

It’s important to note that not only professional builders are awarded loans through the GreenSky Credit lending program – homeowners, landlords, and even renters are, too.

The GreenSky Program Loan is a line of credit that’s open for up to six consecutive months and is geared towards both professional and personal builders that aren’t completely sure of what expenses they’ll incur throughout the building period. This often happens in construction and remodeling, making it geared directly towards the likes of people who work on houses and industrial facilities for a living.

Part of GreenSky Credit, the GreenSky Program Loan provides customers with Home Improvement Payment Cards that can be used at home improvement stores across the United States. The main reason why builders opt for this financing structure is that they ‘re able to spend exactly what he needs, unlike loans that run in increments of thousands of dollars and can leave hundreds of leftover funds debtors are forced to pay back.