Mrs. Betsy DeVos: a Reformer on a Mission

Mrs. Betsy DeVos, the United States Sectary of Education, has been involved in a number of campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations for more than 30 years. She served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years, and she is currently the chairman of the Alliance for School Choice, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and the American Federation for Children. In addition, she is a member of local and national organizations that include Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. During an interview with Philanthropy, she explained why she is dedicated to educational reform.


Mrs. DeVos explained that she is pleased with the progression of educational reform. There are roughly 250,000 students from 17 states that attend 33 private-choice programs, which are publicly funded. She explained that her biggest success was the tax-credit scholarship program in Florida, which has the longest period of educational choice in the United States. There are currently more than 50,000 students in Florida who are able to attend their school of choice because of this program. She also mentioned that Louisiana and Indiana were making great strides with the freedom of educational choice.


Her devotion to reforming education started during the 1990s. During this time, she served on two national boards that include the Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. These boards helped expand freedom of educational choice with tax-credit scholarships and vouchers. Mrs. DeVos feels that children should not be restricted to attend a specific school based on the where they live. She believes that each child in the United States has the right to a quality education.


Mrs. DeVos feels that the use of technology could help expand educational choice, and she also feels that homeschooling is a valid option for parents who want more control of their children’s education. In addition, she also wants to expand the educational choice movement by allowing students to use vouchers and tax credits to attend charter schools, magnet schools, and virtual schools. She explained that her husband started a charter school at the Gerald Ford Airport in Grand Rapids that focuses on helping students prepare for a career in the aviation industry. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is tuition-free free charter high school that has students from all over Michigan.


Betsy DeVos and her husband are both heirs to family fortunes, and they have made generous donations to a variety of charities for many years. Forbes ranked the family 24th on the list of America’s Top Givers. In 2015, the couple donated $11.6 million in charitable donations. According to Forbes, the family has donated an estimated $1.33 billion, which is nearly a quarter of their $5.2 billion fortune.


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CloudWick: How Machine Learning Models Can Improve Your Business

With today’s business world becoming more competitive by the hour, it is crucial companies take advantage of every competitive edge they can find. As a result, CloudWick can play a vital role in helping companies improve their business in many ways. By incorporating machine learning modeling into research and development departments, as well as their overall strategic planning, it is now possible to gain insights never before imagined.

One of the most impressive ways in which CloudWick machine learning modeling is now used involves simplified data exploration. While in the past most large companies had different types of data spread out over multiple platforms, CloudWick machine learning modeling now allows this data to be compiled and stored within a single cloud platform. In doing so, machine learning is able to be used by virtually everyone within a company, resulting in an exploration and use of data that leads to excellent results.

Along with making data much more accessible to employees within a company, CloudWick machine learning models can also make life much easier for a company’s customers. With customer support becoming an integral part of all businesses today, having technology in place to make the customer experience as easy as possible is crucial for long-term success. Because of this, companies can now use machine learning models to help create platforms that are very easy for customers to navigate. As a result, customers get the results they seek, and companies gain the profits and customer loyalty they require to stay ahead of competitors.

Due to the success many companies have attained using machine learning, CloudWick is now venturing into using this advanced technology with companies in even more industries. In fact, for many of the most well-known retail, transportation, and finance corporations in the world, chances are CloudWick machine learning models are helping with a variety of areas. Whether it is helping to predict sales forecasting for a holiday season, the likelihood of flight delays on certain days of a week, or even if a person will default on loan payments, machine learning models assist with these and many more tasks.,9_KO10,34.htm

How OSI Industries Has Conquered Food Production and Distribution Sector

Good leadership and dedication are facets that govern any organization. Sheldon Lavin has contributed greatly to the growth of OSI Industries. The company guarantees and is also committed to sustainable food production and distribution a promise that many competitor companies cannot keep. OSI Group as it is also called has been successful in its endeavours thanks to its long history of facing new challenges and embracing the latest technologies.

OSI Industries is the biggest food provider currently on the global platform. Its growth from humble beginnings is a fairytale. The company has grown from a just a simple butcher shop to the major supplier in the biggest chain of restaurants in the world, the Mcdonalds. Today OSI Group is a top-notch provider of food products worldwide and this is a fairytale every consumer will fancy. Read this articles at to for more info.

Sheldon has been enjoying a great career at OSI Industries. Through his leadership, the company has been able to hire the best employees and use the best technologies available to increase its productivity. Through its focus on sustainability, the company has been able to make profound decisions on its production and reach a wider clientele base

With the high demand for sustainable food products, OSI Industries has embraced the practice of adapting to innovating and one of a kind technologies. This strategy has been rewarding for the company and its clients. As a result of their endeavours in the production of environmentally conscious products, OSI Food Solutions has received numerous awards.

For instance, the company and its extensive workforce have received the Global Visionary Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award as well as the California Green Business Award to name but a few. To Sheldon Lavin, as the CEO of the company, these awards have been a real reflection of his incalculable contributions to the business world and his illustrious career. Besides focusing on sustainability and production of environmentally friendly products, OSI Group has also increased its global reach.

This has been possible through the guidance of Lavin and his executive team. The company has expanded its business reach in Chicago, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Spain among other European nations. Lavin has made it clear that OSI Industries is yearning for more and it is focused on providing its large clientele base with even better food products. Visit:



Wen by Chaz Dean Begins Healing Process For Beautiful Hair

Beauty is not something that comes cheap. It is something that you must work towards and spend time and money on. But what happens when you spend a ton of money on something that you think is making you more beautiful only to discover that it has also made your hair and skin damaged?


One person who knows all too well about damage to the hair and skin is Chaz Dean. According to, he entered into the field of hair and skin after he decided to become a photographer. His passion for taking photos and soon after he entered into it, he started to offer services to people to do their hair and makeup prior to photo sessions.


After seeing the difference in someone’s hair and skin, Chaz Dean had decided that he had a passion for the field. He went to cosmetology and later developed the formula for Wen.


According to, the concept of Wen came when Chaz started to notice the difference in hair when using store bought shampoos and other hair care products. When you purchase these items, you will be using a unique formula that contains a number of chemicals that are killing and damaging your hair.


The Wen by Chaz Dean Formula contains a more natural formula than your store bought items. The formula for your hair care products will vary depending on what formula you like best and what problems that you are having with your hair. There are different formulas for different problem areas.


The people who have tried out Wen by Chaz will speak highly about how much it helped their hair. How it made their hair healthier and more manageable in just a few washing’s. The cleanser will replace 5 of your typical hair products and after using the product for some time, your hair will feel healthier, shinier and more beautiful than it has in years. Read more about Wen on Merriam-Webster.

Chaz Dean:


Stream Energy : Giving back & Earning Loyalty

During times of natural disasters, often we don’t associate charity with corporations, in fact, according to recent data, in 2016 alone corporations donated over 19 Billion dollars to charitable causes and or foundations. Although monetary donations are great, often it takes more than writing a check to make a difference. Companies like Stream Energy are taking the challenge of innovating the way companies give back to the community. In the wake of the disaster in Houston left behind by Hurrican Harvey, only one company was on the ground ready to bring aid in any way possible to people.

With the help of their incredible associates and their foundation “stream Cares”, basic necessities such as toilet paper, women products and warm meals were provided. Stream Energy has made a name for themselves lately, their business model consists of having associates manage themselves in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Associates create networking groups within their community in order to provide people with fixed rate energy plans or mobile plans as well. Because of this many of Stream Energy’s associates create a bond with their customers which leads a majority of them to volunteer. Other than “Stream Cares”, Stream Energy also partners with other associations such as the Red Cros Of America and Dallas based Hope which helps to bring meals and mentors to the homeless children around the Dallas area. In addition, Stream Energy purchases over a thousand water park tickets so these homeless children can experience a day of fun, something that unfortunately they never have the chance to do.

Due to all the efforts being put forward by Stream, many other companies are following suit. According to advisors, forming charitable organizations or foundations allow companies to have what they call a buffer in case any issues arise out into the public such as a scandal or low stock prices. Although not all companies are in it for the good of the community, there is no doubt that the end results are a win-win situation.

Wen Cleansing Conditioners for Naturally Beautiful Hair

Chaz Dean originally started his career as a photographer in Los Angeles. His career as a photographer lead to his interest in cosmetology. After completing classes in cosmetology, he quickly built a reputation as the stylist to the stars. After years as a successful stylist, he purchased his own salon in Hollywood.


Chaz Dean was always looking for a better way to achieve natural beauty. After several years as the top hair stylist to the stars; he created the natural hair care product line Wen. The Wen Cleansing Conditioners are a unique way to cleanse and condition hair. Chaz Dean created Wen to provide a solution to problems caused by a traditional shampoo(s) and conditioner(s). Many traditional hair care products contain detergents and chemicals that can strip the hair of its natural beauty.


The Wen Cleansing Conditioners are natural cleansing conditioners. The Wen Cleansing Conditioners are designed to replace all the traditional hair care products such as; shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioners. The Wen Cleansing Conditioners are available on eBay and array of beauty stores.


The main ingredients of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner are; chamomile, wild cherry extract, glycerin, and rosemary. The unique combination cleanses and conditions hair leaving it soft, manageable and easy to style. The Wen Cleansing Conditioners are designed to replace traditional hair care products, such as shampoo and conditioner.


A three-week study of individuals using Wen products provided outstanding results. Close to one-hundred percent of the individuals in the study, reported their hair felt soft and moisturized. Close to ninety-seven percent of participants posted on Twitter their hair looked shiny and healthy. Clearly, Chaz Dean created a better way to get naturally great looking beautiful hair.

More information about Wen on

Vijay Eswaran and his Efforts as Chairman of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman from Malaysia. Eswaran is currently the Chairman for QI Group. QI Group is based out of Hong Kong, China. Eswaran was born in Penang, Malaysia. He graduated from the London School of Economics during 1984. Following his college education, he worked a number of jobs including harvesting grapes in France and working on a construction site in Belgium. During his time in the United Kingdom, he stumbled upon the binary system of marketing. It was this discovery that inspired him to acquire a degree of qualification from CIMA in England. Following this certification, he earned an MBA at the Southern Illinois University during 1986. Eswaran began working with multilevel marketing during this time in his life as well.

Vijay Eswaran worked as an engineer for companies such as IBM. He has had the opportunity to work around the globe in areas such as South-East Asia and North America. Cosway Group started their business in the Philippines, and hired Eswaran for his skill set and knowledge.

During 1998, Eswaran co-founded a company that advanced into QI Group. QI Group is an e-commerce conglomerate company. They specialize with travel, telecommunications, media and investments. Their offices range in location from Hong Kong, to Thailand. Their efforts can be found in many different countries as a result of their e-commerce business. They have advanced as a company and therefore have a variety of subsidiary companies.

As a direct result of QI Group’s success in the market, Eswaran developed Qi City in partnership with Green Venture Capital. Qi City is a residential and commercial development company. They are located in Perak, Malaysia. This complex will include a hospital. This hospital will be a teaching hospital with private and public services for the medical field for the advancement of their business.

West Bromfield Township Mind Training Center Plays a Critical Role in Stress Management

There are multiple mental problems out there that a significant number of individuals are experiencing due to mental challenges that occur on a daily basis. One of the most critical mental problems that people are experiencing currently is stressful conditions. Stress is a mental problem that affects the mind of an individual due to the surrounding environment. It is important to note that climate, workplace, and even family issues can play a critical role in causing people to experience stress. Read more about Neurocore at

West Bromfield Township is one of the mental performance centers that focuses on ensuring that individuals are trained in eliminating stress. It is important to highlight that stress causes people to lose motivation while others end up performing various tasks so poor to the extent that they get poor results. Stress has even led some individuals to the point where they think of taking their own lives. Mind training and brain performance is an important aspect as it helps a person to work freely without stress.

For instance, the next video after the “Neurocore Brain Performance Centers — Why” piece is a TED Talk from 2017 that looks at the properties of consciousness as it relates to the brain. It deals with the way sensory signals are taken in and is a rather in-depth explanation of mechanisms that are at the route of Neurocore’s therapies.

Mind training is an important strategy that people can use to eradicate or manage stress levels in their bodies. However, there is no way an individual will be able to eliminate or manage stress without understanding what is causing stress. West Bromfield Township mind training center conducts extensive research on the mental status of a person by trying to understand the cause of stress. It is through extensive research that the brain performance center helps in formulating a customized treatment program. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

According to Wrest Bromfield Township mind performance center, a significant number of individuals who experience stress report some of the stress causing conditions such as loss of a job, divorce, death of a loved one, and moving into a new home among others. Understanding what is causing stress to a particular person is important because it helps the therapist to formulate a reliable treatment.

West Bromfield Township uses a mind training program that is medical-free, which means that there is no way a person will experience side effects from the program. Most of the mind training programs adopted help a person to be strong enough to overcome to most of the stress causing conditions.