Betsy DeVos: Fighting for a Cause and Making a Difference

The back-to-school season contains a lot of excitement and certainly cost parents a lot in school supplies, but was it also comes a certain degree of doubt. Students are unsure of what type of learning environment they will be exposed to in the coming year. If they were to receive a teacher who is less than enthusiastic about the job, then they may not receive a quality education. There aren’t a lot of other faculty members for them to fall back on should this be the case because many qualities trained staff is moving to private institutions where they are able to grow vocationally. Betsy DeVos saw this problem coming from the very beginning, it has been growing exponentially in recent years.


The reason education is so important to Betsy DeVos is because she has recently been appointed the Secretary of Education. One of the biggest things that she is interested in overhauling within the system is the lack of uniformity between different institutions. On top of that, the United States has fallen when it comes to academia. Students that are enrolled in public schools today are performing poorly when compared to their overseas counterparts. This decline is only going to continue as the years go by if administrators refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem.


Betsy DeVos believes that she has the answer to the problem, and she believes that that answer is in the advocacy for school choice. School choice is a major issue for most politicians nowadays. There seem to be two types of parents, those who are interested in expanding their children’s academic horizons and those that are content with the way that things have always been. Unfortunately, when people refuse to change the behavior that they have become used to they will stagnate. The biggest problem with the stagnation is that it is happening with their children, innocents in all of this.


Betsy DeVos has offered a myriad of options for people who want to challenge these long-held beliefs. A favorite seems to be private institutions that function with the help of public support. In order to apply for this additional public support, Betsy DeVos believes that the nation should funnel money away from public school systems and into these private institutions. Not only will this strengthen the private schools, but it will force the public-school systems to address the glaring problems in their administrations.


On a recent visit to a magnet school located in Florida, Betsy DeVos was impressed to find students that were flourishing under the guidance of the well-trained staff. This gave her encouragement for the future of this type of learning. Betsy DeVos will continue to be a champion for children who are suffering subpar education. She sees that there needs to be some degree of change in all systems throughout the country and she is willing to push for it. She is far from the meek personality that people automatically assume she is, she has been fighting for this cause for much of her career and she will make a difference.


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Experienced Therapist Roseann Bennett Shares Her Day

Roseann Bennet, the Center for Assessment Director is an experienced therapist in family and marriage therapy. She works with people from different backgrounds to help them rise above their challenges. The Center for Assessment is a charitable organization that is dedicated to advocating and treating people from different walks of life, especially those are marginalized and disenfranchised. Over the last 8 years, the agency has provided support to hundreds of people experiencing different life struggles.

How Roseann Bennet starts her day

Roseann has an active work ethic. She strives to work hard each and every day by waking up early each morning, planning out which clients she is to see and solve some of the issues of the day.

Roseann is responsible for the leadership and coordination of programs that are undertaken at the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She ensures that her employees have all they need to provide exceptional services. She prepares budgets for agencies and ensures that the accounting of funds is done properly. Above all, Roseann likes to monitor her clinical caseload because of how she values the connection she makes with people when she gives them tools to help them become better people.

Additionally, Roseann is responsible for writing the agency policies, she develops the programs run at the facility, and she also runs the day to day activities at the center.

Productivity tips from Roseann

Roseann works hard in her practice, and she has some tips that everyone else can use to become more productive at their work. Firstly, Roseann has a view that intense attention, thinking and reviewing an idea can help one to become more analytical about what needs to be done. That is one huge step that she uses to develop solutions to her problems.

Bringing an idea to life is not a problem according to Roseann, her greatest concerns are the sustainability of the project, an assessment of the risks, and checking how the idea can be executed. Another ingredient is passion. According to Roseann, without passion, no matter how good an idea is, it will not survive.

Brown Modeling Agency of Austin Texas

When one considers modeling, it is natural to think of what is seen. The frame of the shot, the fit of clothes, the product being advertised, and so on. On the surface it is a field designed to make something visually present. But for aspiring models, what is most important is what is not seen. How did that individual get to that place? What work did they do, what process did they take, how did they go from an interest in the modeling world to stepping in front of a camera?


That of course is where a talent agency comes in. The world of professional modeling can vary from confusingly complex to intentionally opaque, and one of the few guaranteed constants is that few people will have your best interest at heart. Working with a talent agency can be a good way to make sure there are people working in *your* best interests.


The Brown Agency steps into that role in Austin. Founded by Justin Brown, and staffed by experienced managers, the Brown Agency can help aspiring and established models comprehend and excel in the field.


Many talent agencies have acquired toxic reputations, profiting on the vanity of the inexperienced, or exploiting models with promise into roles that benefit the agency rather than the talent.



The Brown Modeling Agency takes a different path. Justin Brown has stated that one of the important jobs within the agency is managing expectations. The agency takes a careful look at an individual’s goals, their particular talents, and the dynamics of the market, and helps plot a course that will take the person where they want to go. Perhaps that is through one of the Brown Agency’s many contacts in the Austin area, maybe it means building a portfolio of work and facilitating a warm hand-off, or maybe it means introducing someone to venues and opportunities they had never even considered. You can checkout to see more.



Modeling, like any serious career, requires hard work, commitment, and an understanding of the industry. But for those with the engagement and the drive to succeed, the Brown Agency has the connections and the experience to create results.





Talk Fusion Leans Into Success With Talk Fusion University.

For the past decade, we have been following the continual growth of Talk Fusion, a Florida-based video marketing, and direct selling company. Talk Fusion established themselves early on in an industry that would turn out to be absolutely pivotal to marketing agents all across the world. Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder, Bob Reina, saw early on the power that video marketing would provide to future businesses. It’s hard to remember but back in 2007, video marketing wasn’t seen as nearly the slam dunk that it is viewed at today. With a headstart on the industry, what is Talk Fusion offering users nearly eleven years after their inaugural release of programs?


Right now, the world runs by way of the internet. Companies big and small cannot succeed unless they are able to successfully connect with users through the web and in order to do this most effectively they have to have the ability to reach out via video. Whether it be on YouTube, application-based advertisements, or even ads on their own websites — this has become the norm. So, in order to make sure that marketers have the products that they need, Talk Fusion has doubled-down on the importance of video marketing with a slate of new products.


The most recent product that CEO Bob Reina and the rest of his Talk Fusion Associates are working to push is the Video Chat application. Built on WebRTC Technology, Video Chat provides a quick and seamless one-to-one video conferencing application that businesses and personal users alike can take advantage of. The application has already won several major industry awards and Talk Fusion’s CTO Ryan Page has already promised a slate of new updates to keep the application competitive with other products hitting the marketplace.


The core aspect of Talk Fusion that CEO Bob Reina likes to stress is the freedom that it offers to people. With that in mind, Reina opened up the Talk Fusion University in order to allow more people to get involved as personal entrepreneurs working to direct-sell the Talk Fusion video marketing suite. The University is online and completely free. Interested parties can join the Talk Fusion University in order to learn the video marketing tools that the company offers before getting certified to go out and sell the products themselves. Reina believes in the power of entrepreneurial spirit and this could not be more apparent than through this establishment. Learn more: