Betsy DeVos-Experience and Integrity

Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman and leader who is well known for her charitable giving and interest in education. She serves as the present Secretary of Education for the Trump presidency. She has been an illustrious member of the Republican Party for decades. DeVos was the Head of the National Republican Party from 1992-1997 as well as the chair of the State Republican Party of Michigan from 1996-2000. She has been a strong supporter of the Detroit Charter school system where she was the Chairperson of the Alliance for School Choice, Action Institute, and All Children Matter PAC.


DeVos has long been recognized for her hard work and support for the educational values in the system. Married to Dick DeVos, the former CEO of Amway, they have founded several foundations which support such places as clinics, schools and energy. She created The Wind quest Group, a private organization she started in 1989 has been led by her to invest money into grants and energy. Mrs. DeVos is also a founding member on the board of Neurocore, a group of offices that does research on the use of biofeedback therapy for people who have autism, depression or attention deficit disorder.


The Family Foundation was started by Dick and Betsy DeVos in 1989 and it has been dedicated to particular areas of focus: Education, Energy, Arts, Community Service and Leadership. The Foundation supports monetary and community support for groups of all kinds. The Family Foundation is reported to have contributed $11.6 million dollars to various places in 2015. This brought the complete total of the couple to $139 million dollars. Forbes ranked the DeVos #24 in the 2015 country’s List of Top Donors.


A huge supporter of the arts, DeVos helped to produce a Broadway play-“The Life and Trials of Aimee McPherson,” with Dick DeVos. This play was created to imitate the life of the famous evangelist. George W. Bush also made DeVos a member to the board of Directors of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in 2004 -2010.


Betsy DeVos started her tenure as the Secretary of Education in January 2017. If her record is any demonstration, she will bring integrity to this appointment as she brings about new changes in the area of our educational system. Her background and talent will ensure progress in a time of great need for our schools. She is a proven leader in the area of politics, art and education. President Trump has made an outstanding choice in entrusting our school’s future to such a capable and strong leader. As the year ends on her first term of service, we are already seeing more attention brought to our community colleges and the desire to extending federal aid all people.


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Louis Chenevert, Steering UTC to Reach Beyond Their Goals

The name Louis Chenevert commands attention when mentioned with regards to his accomplishments in the technology industry. His success story ranges from spending over a decade working as the St. Therese Production General Manager at General Motors to being at the helm of the United Technologies Corporation. Louis started working with UTC initially at their Pratt & Whitney business unit. It took him six years of service at Pratt & Whitney before he was elected as president of the entire division, in 1999. For seven years, he held this position and was eventually rose up the ranks to be the president and CEO of the whole UTC unit.

Under his leadership, the company saw impressive accomplishments with attaining a net worth of about $100 billion, something that many corporate executives find it hard to achieve in their entire career. Among the main focus points that Louis emphasized on was the Goodrich acquisition. The company spent over a year negotiating with Goodrich’s leadership which eventually settled for an $18.4 billion deal.

Louis Chenevert

Chenevert is a graduate of Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) where he earned a bachelor of commerce degree in production management. Louis is the chairman of the Friends of HEC Montreal’s Board of Directors where he also doubles up as a founding director. He is part of Business Roundtable’s executive committees and is in charge of the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. Additionally, he is also in service at the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation in the Board of Directors.

Throughout his career, Louis has portrayed leadership qualities which play a greater part in the success of the various companies’ endeavors. While serving as UTC’s CEO, Louis Chenevert was seen as a man focused on forward-thinking with the aptness of finding and picking out projects with promising potentials. During his tenure, UTC had a vision of inspiring their very own to have the determination of working to attain the success of highlighted projects. This simple philosophy was not taken lightly by Chenevert who was present to ensure that he did whatever it took for the company to reach its goals.

The United Technologies Corporation prides in the major principles that Chenevert passed to his predecessor who will be walking in his footsteps to achieve much more.

Hurricane Harvey Victims Receive Help from U.S. Money Reserve

In a bid to adhere to corporate social responsibility, US Money Reserve recently announced a partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), a non-profit organization to help Hurricane Harvey survivors get to recover from the devastating event. The company is in the process of organizing a relief fund where all donations will directly be channeled to ADRN to cater for the immediate emergency needs of survivors. Learn more:


US Money Reserve concern About Hurricane Harvey


For the US Money reserve, hurricane Harvey hit almost below the belt. The storm swept several parts of the Texas Gulf Coast region and consequently affected a proportionate size of the company’s staff as well as customers. US Money reserve was founded in Austin, Texas and the town still hosts its headquarters. However, apart from its headquarters in Austin, Texas, US Money reserve also has offices in Lumberton and Beaumont.


About US Money Reserve


US Money reserve is the largest legally recognized distributor of US government issued silver, gold, platinum and silver coins. It was started in the year 2001 by a group of gold market experts and veterans who recognized the need for combining high-quality customer services, expert knowledge as well as trustworthy and necessary guidance when it comes to the precious metal business. The company prides itself with a broad base of clients who have realized the benefits that come with trading on precious metals such as gold.


The main objective of US Money Reserve is to offer their clients with exceptional US government issued precious metals that is gold, silver and platinum coins. They have experts who give clients relevant information about what precious metals to purchase at what time to attract higher profit margins. That is probably the reason why the company’s client base is ever increasing.


Getting Texas Back to Recovery


After the devastating disaster, the people of Texas are now more than ready to pick up their pieces and start the process of rebuilding their lives. Luckily there is adequate aid coming from the federal government as well as several non-profit organizations such as the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN). However, Greg Abbot, Texas governor admitted that the recovery process is going to be both costly and time-consuming.


Other than the federal government and non-profit organizations, people who were lucky to escape the wrath of Hurricane Harvey opened up their businesses and homes to those who were adversely affected. Learn more:


Although it will take time and cost a lot of money to bring back Texas to what it was, US Money Reserve is confident that it will play a big role in providing help where needed. The company has also assured its employees and customers of their commitment to ensuring that they get back to their usual lives as soon as possible.

How Mike Baur Transitioned To The Startup Industry

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur in Switzerland. He co-founded Swiss Startup Factory and serves as the firm’s managing partner. He started out his career in the banking industry and over 20 years he had a highly successful career. It was in 2014 that he finished his career in the banking industry and teamed up with two business associates to launch Swiss Startup Factory. The two businessmen he teamed up were associates he was familiar with, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.

Mike Baur is involved with the Swiss startup industry in a number of ways beyond his role at Swiss Startup Factory. He was also a jury member at the START Summiteer. This was a pitching contest for new business ideas at the University of St. Gallen in Gallen, Switzerland. He is also the deputy managing director of another company, CTI Invest. This came about when Swiss Startup Factory and CTI Invest developed a business relationship in the first half of 2016.

Swiss Startup Factory went through a round of participating in a startup accelerator program itself. Mike Baur took the lead on the round that his company took with Goldback Group when launching their new company. Under the leadership of Mike Baur and other executives at Swiss Startup Factory they help new digital entrepreneurs launch new companies with market disrupting ideas. This includes helping them find funding, business services such as payroll and accounting, and a team of established entrepreneurs to provide guidance and the benefits of their own experiences.

Mike Baur grew up with a strong interest in the banking industry. His early life was spent in Freiburg and he eventually attended Bern University as well as the University of Rochester. He says that his first experience in the banking industry came when he was just 16 years old. He started out at the Union Bank of Switzerland as one of their apprentices. He stayed with this bank from 1991 to 2008.

Over the course of his banking career, Mike Baur worked with some of the wealthiest people in Switzerland, managing their financial affairs. It was in 2008 that he left the Union Bank of Switzerland and instead found a high-level position at Clariden Leu, another Swiss banking giant. It was in 2014 that he grew disillusioned with banking. After the financial crash the banking environment experienced many changes which Baur didn’t agree with. He says there was too much red tape that took up far too much of his time.